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Disambig icon.png This article is about the classification that corresponds to social organizations and common mindsets of Creatures. For a classification that corresponds to the physical and biological form, see Creature type.

Affiliation is a technical classification of creatures based on whether they count towards bounty Blessings or are affected by a particular of slaying weapon mod. Often, they correspond to social organizations, e.g. tribal identities, standing armies, or political groups. Similarly, non-sentient creatures generally belong to regional wildlife groupings (as they are not part of a named group).

Named affiliations[edit]

Unofficial names are in italics. Those with (?) at the end are questionable affiliations.

Core Prophecies Factions Nightfall Eye of the North Bonus Mission Pack Beyond1

War in Kryta and Hearts of the North:

Winds of Change

  1. Only lists those unique to the Beyond chapters.


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