Fierce Warband

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The Fierce Warband is a warband of the Blood Legion. Their Legionnaire is Pyre Fierceshot. Under Pyre's leadership, the Fierce Warband were among the many who were disinterested in the thought of following a religion among the Charr. After the defeat of the Titans by humans, they openly revoked the Shaman caste and their Titan gods marking them as rebels of the High Legions. In 1078 AE, most of the warband was imprisoned and went into an alliance with the Ebon Vanguard to free both groups' imprisoned allies and eliminate the leaders of the Shaman caste, particularly Hierophant Burntsoul. With Burntsoul's death, the Fierce Warband began a revolution within the Charr to renounce all gods and the Shaman caste's leadership.