Pyre Fierceshot

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Pyre Fierceshot
Pyre Fierceshot.jpg
Affiliation Fierce Warband
Type Charr
Profession Ranger Ranger
Service Hero
Level(s) 20
Campaign Eye of the North

Pyre Fierceshot is an outcast, persecuted by the Charr Shamans for daring to speak out against their ways. After his warband killed a Shaman and destroyed a temple, Pyre and his companions fled the ruling shaman caste. Pyre hates them with a fury that only one raised to worship false gods can understand; he has been betrayed, tricked, and deceived, and he has sworn never to fall under the spell of the Shamans again.

Pyre celebrated the demise of the Titans, those whom the Shamans called gods, and now watches with rising anger as the priests continue to deceive his people. At every step, the Shamans seek to tighten their grasp, bringing the Charr once again under their false rule—enslaving them to powers who do not deserve respect, much less worship. The cycle of dominance and slavery must be broken—and the Charr must be free...

The Guild Wars Eye of the North Manuscript




Quests given:



Unlocked upon completion of Warband of Brothers.


12 Expertise, 12 Marksmanship


Pyre starts with basic ranger armor, labeled as Charr armor but with its own unique appearance. Like most heroes, his headgear is hidden.

The appearance of his armor can be upgraded to Brotherhood armor using Cloth of the Brotherhood acquired from the Glint's Challenge challenge mission. It can also be upgraded to Deldrimor armor using Deldrimor Armor Remnants acquired in the Hierophant's Chest at the end of the Slavers' Exile dungeon.

See Pyre Fierceshot's armor gallery.


Dalada Uplands, Grothmar Wardowns, and Sacnoth Valley:

"Hate is blinding. I prefer to see my prey."

Warband of Brothers:

"Move your stubby legs as fast as you can, human. We must free my brethren!"


"You show the cunning of a Charr and have no fear. For that, you have my respect, human. When the time comes that we must fight again, I shall not aim at you."

Voice responses[edit]

Grothmar Wardowns:

"Tread carefully, meat."


"My father was a great soldier. Without him, Ascalon would not be the smoldering ruin it is today. I will honor his memory."
"Never eat something that isn't twitching."
"The Vizier destroyed his own country rather than fight us. That... is a compliment."
"There are no gods. There is only pain and those willing to end it."
"When I was a cub, my grandfather used to light a flame under a moa bird's feet and watch it squawk. If we don't get moving soon, I'll introduce you to him."
"Yes, mouse. Your people will retake their homeland... when they can eat ash and sleep in flame."

Battle quotes[edit]

"Destruction, too, is an art."
"Do not pray for mercy. Your gods are not listening, and I have none."
"Don't waste my time, meat!"
"Fire leaves little behind."
"Humans. Bah! Your limbs rip apart so easily."
"I am Charr!"
"I bite. That is all you need to know."
"Ignite arrows! Burn swords! Battle is upon us!"
"Weak, frightened, insignificant RABBITS!"
"When I'm done with your friends, I may keep you alive... for a while."
"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I beat you with until you understand who is in command!"
"You will burn like Ascalon!"



Gw2logo.png The Guild Wars 2 Wiki has an article on Pyre Fierceshot.
  • The quote "You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I get and beat you with until you understand who is in command!" can be directly attributed to the character Jayne from the TV show, Firefly.
  • The quote, "I am Charr!" could be a reference to Worf from the TV Series Star Trek: The Next Generation. "I am Klingon!" is said whenever his toughness or aptitude as a warrior is called into question.
  • Pyre appeared in a commercial for GameStop at the Sacred Altar along with Ogden Stonehealer and Vekk.
  • Pyre is voiced by Steve Blum.

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