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Deldrimor armor can both refer to hero armor and player armor. The hero armor is the only armor named Deldrimor in game. Player Deldrimor armor is instead a collective name for the profession-specific standalone pieces crafted by Gobrech Stonefoot.

Player armor[edit]

Deldrimor armor is crafted by Gobrech Stonefoot in Central Transfer Chamber after you have reached rank 5 (Bold Delver) in the Deldrimor title track. It consists of several stand alone pieces specific to the profession and is not considered an armor set.

As it is not considered a set, it cannot be added to the Hall of Monuments.

Gobrech also crafts armor pieces shared by all professions, these are not considered Deldrimor armor but is instead called common armor.

Warrior Warrior Ranger Ranger Monk Monk Necromancer Necromancer Mesmer Mesmer
Elementalist Elementalist Assassin Assassin Ritualist Ritualist Paragon Paragon Dervish Dervish


This is a gallery of the stand alone pieces worn all at the same time. As no professions have head armor, and some lack hand armor, any slots missing armor are left empty.

Warrior Ranger Monk
Warrior Deldrimor armor f.jpg Warrior Deldrimor armor m.jpg Ranger Deldrimor armor f.jpg Ranger Deldrimor armor m.jpg Monk Deldrimor armor f.jpg Monk Deldrimor armor m.jpg
Necromancer Mesmer Elementalist
Necromancer Deldrimor armor f.jpg Necromancer Deldrimor armor m.jpg Mesmer Deldrimor armor f.jpg Mesmer Deldrimor armor m.jpg Elementalist Deldrimor armor f.jpg Elementalist Deldrimor armor m.jpg
Assassin Ritualist
Assassin Deldrimor armor f.jpg Assassin Deldrimor armor m.jpg Ritualist Deldrimor armor f.jpg Ritualist Deldrimor armor m.jpg
Paragon Dervish
Paragon Deldrimor armor f.jpg Paragon Deldrimor armor m.jpg Dervish Deldrimor armor f.jpg Dervish Deldrimor armor m.jpg

Hero armor[edit]

Deldrimor armor is obtained from Gunnar Poundfist in Gunnar's Hold in exchange for one Deldrimor Armor Remnant.

Jora Pyre Fierceshot Ogden Stonehealer Livia Gwen
Jora Deldrimor armor.jpg Pyre Fierceshot Deldrimor armor.jpg Ogden Stonehealer Deldrimor armor.jpg Livia Deldrimor armor.jpg Gwen Deldrimor armor.jpg
Vekk Anton Xandra Hayda Kahmu
Vekk Deldrimor armor.jpg Anton Deldrimor armor.jpg Xandra Deldrimor armor.jpg Hayda Deldrimor armor.jpg Kahmu Deldrimor armor.jpg

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