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Warrior Ranger Monk
Warrior Ancient armor f.jpg Warrior Ancient armor m.jpg Ranger Ancient armor f.jpg Ranger Ancient armor m.jpg Monk Ancient armor f.jpg Monk Ancient armor m.jpg
Female Male Female Male Female Male
Necromancer Mesmer Elementalist
Necromancer Ancient armor f.jpg Necromancer Ancient armor m.jpg Mesmer Ancient armor f.jpg Mesmer Ancient armor m.jpg Elementalist Ancient armor f.jpg Elementalist Ancient armor m.jpg
Female Male Female Male Female Male
Assassin Ritualist
Assassin Ancient armor f.jpg Assassin Ancient armor m.jpg Ritualist Ancient armor f.jpg Ritualist Ancient armor m.jpg
Female Male Female Male
Paragon Dervish
Paragon Ancient armor f.jpg Paragon Ancient armor m.jpg Dervish Ancient armor f.jpg Dervish Ancient armor m.jpg
Female Male Female Male

Hero armor[edit]

Margrid the Sly Tahlkora Master of Whispers Zhed Shadowhoof Razah
Margrid the Sly Ancient armor.jpg Tahlkora Ancient armor.jpg Master of Whispers Ancient armor.jpg Zhed Shadowhoof Ancient armor.jpg Razah Ancient armor.jpg


  • The art for the Warrior and the Ritualist bear resemblance to Ancient Egyptian Mummification, with the Warrior's helmet and the Ritualist's entire appearance.
  • The art for the Dervish also bears resemblances to Ancient Egypt, as the hood looks like the head of the Egyptian God Ra.
  • The Chest of the Paragon has the Ancient Egyptian God Horus encrusted.

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