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Armor art refers to the appearance of armor. It may also be referred to as the armor skin.

Campaign Standard armor5 Prestige armor Special headpieces5 Special gloves5 Hero armor5
Eye of the North


C: All core professions (Warrior (armor), Ranger (armor), Monk (armor), Necromancer (armor), Mesmer (armor), and Elementalist (armor))
F: Factions professions (Assassin (armor) and Ritualist (armor))
N: Nightfall professions (Paragon (armor) and Dervish (armor))
1: Koss, Acolyte Jin, Dunkoro, Acolyte Sousuke, Melonni
2: Margrid the Sly, Tahlkora, Master of Whispers, Zhed Shadowhoof, Razah
3: Goren, Master of Whispers, Olias, Norgu, Zenmai, General Morgahn, Razah
4: Warrior only
5: Cannot show in the Hall of Monuments

Armor for PvP characters[edit]

It is possible to gain new armor skins for your PvP characters. The armor skins can be bought at Tolkano with Zaishen Coins or Tournament Reward Points. Coins can be gained by doing Zaishen Challenge Quests while the points can be gained by playing Automated Tournaments.

See also[edit]

  Armor art types
Core Obsidian
Prophecies AscalonTyrianKrytanProphecies armor
Factions Shing JeaCanthanAscalonSeitungTyrianExoticKrytanImperialKurzickLuxon
Nightfall IstaniSunspearElonianVabbianAncientPrimeval
Eye of the North CommonAsuranMonumentNornDeldrimor
Hero armor DefaultMysteriousBrotherhood

Armor Runes (edit)
Armor artArmor ratingArmor bonusCalculationInfusion
Any AttunementClarityPurityRecoveryRestorationVigorVitae
Warrior AbsorptionAxe MasteryHammer MasteryStrengthSwordsmanshipTactics
Ranger Beast MasteryExpertiseMarksmanshipWilderness Survival
Monk Divine FavorHealing PrayersProtection PrayersSmiting Prayers
Necromancer Blood MagicCursesDeath MagicSoul Reaping
Mesmer Domination MagicFast CastingIllusion MagicInspiration Magic
Elementalist Air MagicEarth MagicEnergy StorageFire MagicWater Magic
Assassin Critical StrikesDagger MasteryDeadly ArtsShadow Arts
Ritualist Channeling MagicCommuningRestoration MagicSpawning Power
Paragon CommandLeadershipMotivationSpear Mastery
Dervish Earth PrayersMysticismScythe MasteryWind Prayers