Dragon Gauntlets

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Dragon Gauntlets
Profession Any Any-tango-icon-20.png
Campaign Eye of the North
PvP reward class Fancy
Dragon Gauntlets f.jpg Dragon Gauntlets m.jpg
Female gallery Male gallery

Dragon Gauntlets are a prestige glove skin available in the Eye of the North expansion. You need to be at least rank 5 (Bold Delver) in the Deldrimor title track to be able to craft this armor.

Location Armorer AR Cost Gauntlets
Central Transfer Chamber Gobrech Stonefoot 60-80 10 Platinum 250 Scale(s)
50 Deldrimor Steel Ingot(s)
4 Monstrous Eye(s)
4 Monstrous Fang(s)


Dye affects a small piece underneath the eyes, a small piece behind the ears,the horns, and a small place behind the eyes.

Dragon Gauntlets dye chart.jpg


  • Similar to all Mesmer gloves, the Mesmer Dragon Gauntlets only come up to the wrist.
  • Has clipping issues with most shields.

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