Deldrimor rank

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Deldrimor rank
Eternal Delver.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Title type Character

Deldrimor rank is gained per character by earning Dwarf reputation points. This title can be displayed in the "Honor" monument upon attaining rank 10.

Deldrimor rank title track[edit]

Tier Title Reputation points Bonus damage and health gain against a Destroyer
1 Delver (1) 1,000 7
2 Stout Delver (2) 4,000 9
3 Gutsy Delver (3) 8,000 11
4 Risky Delver (4) 16,000 13
5 Bold Delver (5) 26,000 15
6 Daring Delver (6) 40,000 15
7 Adventurous Delver (7) 56,000 15
8 Courageous Delver (8) 80,000 15
9 Epic Delver (9) 110,000 15
10 Legendary Delver (10) 160,000 15



Dwarven reputation points can be earned by:

Characters who have reached rank 8 in the title (Courageous Delver) can no longer accumulate Deldrimor reputation points in Normal mode except through quest rewards and receive Veteran Dwarven Raider instead of Dwarven Raider when they speak to a Beacon of Droknar in Normal mode. To achieve ranks 9 and 10, the points must be earned in Hard mode or through quests. To max this title on a character more easily, consider waiting until that character is at least rank 8, and for a Northern Support weekly bonus, before turning in secondary quests that reward Dwarven reputation points.

Farming Deldrimor points[edit]

Secret Lair of the Snowmen[edit]

  • Start: Umbral Grotto
  • Boost the Hunt Rank by collecting Shrine Blessings along the way.
  • According to the Secret Lair of the Snowmen article, a typical run in Normal mode through this dungeon with the raider bonuses can yield around 1,500 (2,000 in hard mode) Dwarven reputation points.
  • Also note that the Ranger skill, Edge of Extinction, can be extremely useful here.

This dungeon can be easily completed with a party consisting mostly of heroes and henchmen. Since the Snowmen "mobs" are in large numbers they can easily crowd party members; use Area of Effect skills to disperse them. While Fire Magic spells often have effective AoE components, it is worth noting that the snowmen do not have any weakness to fire damage (or resistance to cold damage).

When fighting the Monk/Elementalist boss Freezie, having one person pull Freezie himself with a longbow or flatbow will pull all of his minions with him, significantly balling them up and making it easier for AoE damage to eliminate them.

One or two minion masters will also help due to the large number of corpses. Minions also prevent party members from being spiked by larger mobs as they can soak up much of the damage.


  • For title skills, Deldrimor rank translates to effective attribute rank as follows:
Deldrimor rank 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Effective attribute rank 0 3 6 9 12 15 15 15 15 15 15

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