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Eternal Legendary Vanquisher.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Title type Character
Disambig icon.png "VQ" redirects here. For the pre-Searing Vanguard quests, see Lieutenant Langmar.

The Vanquisher title tracks are granted to a character who clears all explorable areas of foes in hard mode. There is one single-tiered title track for each campaign. Acquiring all of them will complete the Legendary Vanquisher title track. These titles can be displayed in the "Honor" monument.

Vanquisher title track[edit]

Title1 Campaign Areas vanquished
Tyrian Vanquisher Prophecies 54
Canthan Vanquisher Factions 33
Elonian Vanquisher Nightfall 34
1 These titles are distinct single-level tracks; each one counts towards the Kind of a Big Deal title track.

Legendary Vanquisher title track[edit]

Title Total maxed vanquisher
Legendary Vanquisher 3


Zen Daijun vanquished, on the World Map of Shing Jea Island.

Vanquisher is a title given for "vanquishing" all explorable areas found in Tyria, Cantha, or Elona. Only areas marked on the World Map with a small helmet (that appears while the hard mode option has been selected in the Party Formation panel) can be vanquished.

Vanquishing an area[edit]

The Vanquisher counter in its incomplete (with 1 foe vanquished) and completed state, respectively.

To vanquish an area, you must defeat every primary foe that spawns in hard mode, which means you do not have to kill any of the following (and killing them does not add to the kill count unless noted):

You can track your progress via the hard mode indicator icon, which appears in your effects monitor whenever you enter an explorable area in hard mode. In hard mode explorable areas that can be vanquished, the red bar stretches to reflect the fraction of already-spawned total; the number indicates the total killed so far; since the number you must kill is not fixed, the red bar can shrink even as the number killed increases.

Should every member of your party reach 60% Death Penalty before completely vanquishing the area, your party will be defeated and be returned to its originating outpost. In contrast, if you complete a vanquish and then trigger new spawns (e.g. from a quest), those foes are not counted as part of your total; you still get credit at the original number.

Rewards for vanquishing[edit]

The gold helmet that appears to show that you have finished vanquishing the current area.

When an area has been successfully vanquished, a message will appear to notify you of your success. If this is the first time you vanquished that area, your title track progresses and the hard mode map icon for the vanquished area will change from a red color to a gold color.

You will then be rewarded with both experience and gold equal to 5 times the number of foes defeated in the area. In some regions, you will earn additional reputation with the local population:

Specific weekly bonuses can increase these rewards. An area can be vanquished multiple times, allowing you to repeat an area to gain the rewards.

Bug Bug.The hard mode version of the World Map will mark all explorable areas in Tyria as if each is available for vanquishing, even if your character has only started either Prophecies or Eye of the North. The bug also applies to missions and dungeons, but only shows up if your account is linked to both campaigns.

Explorable area kill counts[edit]

Hidden foes are noted in the rightmost column, but it's worth to check out the specific areas' page for a list of difficult enemies, bugs and other pitfalls.


Region Explorable Area Average Min Kills Max Kills Notes
Southern Shiverpeaks Grenth's Footprint 241 238 243
Ring of Fire Islands Perdition Rock 230 215 246
Crystal Desert Diviner's Ascent 135 108 159
Crystal Desert Prophet's Path 300 214 317
Crystal Desert Salt Flats 200 146 255
Crystal Desert Skyward Reach 162 162 178
Crystal Desert The Arid Sea 110 87 137
Crystal Desert The Scar 250 233 274
Crystal Desert Vulture Drifts 230 207 261
Southern Shiverpeaks Dreadnought's Drift 115 111 124
Southern Shiverpeaks Frozen Forest 310 304 323
Southern Shiverpeaks Ice Floe 207 187 233
Southern Shiverpeaks Icedome 130 120 141
Southern Shiverpeaks Lornar's Pass 286 270 301
Southern Shiverpeaks Mineral Springs 195 182 208 There are hidden Azure Shadows in the cave leading towards the Ancient Seer, hidden Frost Wurms at Maw the Mountain Heart's spawn point, and an occasional hidden Juniper Bark near Pinesouls.
Southern Shiverpeaks Snake Dance 350 300 418
Southern Shiverpeaks Spearhead Peak 215 208 234
Southern Shiverpeaks Talus Chute 395 375 420
Southern Shiverpeaks Tasca's Demise 93 78 109
Southern Shiverpeaks Witman's Folly 100 88 112
Maguuma Jungle Dry Top 55 50 62
Maguuma Jungle Ettin's Back 195 166 220
Kryta Majesty's Rest 65 44 85 All the visible enemies are concentrated in the eastern half, so it is recommended to start from Temple of the Ages and approach from Talmark Wilderness.
Maguuma Jungle The Falls 300 279 327
Maguuma Jungle Tangle Root 210 191 239
Maguuma Jungle Sage Lands 240 176 296
Maguuma Jungle Silverwood 210 185 221
Maguuma Jungle Mamnoon Lagoon 58 55 60
Maguuma Jungle Reed Bog 85 64 107
Kryta Cursed Lands 76 72 83 There are a lot of hidden Grasping Ghouls.
Kryta Kessex Peak 190 156 205 Has hidden foes.
Kryta Nebo Terrace 150 138 226 There are hidden Spined Aloes in the northwestern area.
Kryta North Kryta Province 185 126 241 Has hidden foes.
Kryta Scoundrel's Rise 68 63 105
Kryta Watchtower Coast 160 135 176 There are usually a few hidden Spined Aloes near the Oakhearts.
Kryta Stingray Strand 150 150 170 Has hidden Large Spined Aloes throughout the area.
Kryta Tears of the Fallen 64 64 72 A group of Bog Skale Icetooths may be difficult to spot in the southwestern corner, across a gap from Arris Weston.
Kryta The Black Curtain 230 207 306 Has many hidden foes.
Kryta Twin Serpent Lakes 185 171 194 A Spined Aloe is hidden between Ancient Oakhearts.
Northern Shiverpeaks Anvil Rock 233 209 252
Northern Shiverpeaks Griffon's Mouth 45 43 53
Northern Shiverpeaks Iron Horse Mine 180 160 194
Northern Shiverpeaks Traveler's Vale 196 163 191 There are hidden Juniper Barks throughout the area.
Northern Shiverpeaks Deldrimor Bowl 185 150 210
Ascalon Ascalon Foothills 55 51 59
Ascalon Diessa Lowlands 350 271 393 There are many hidden groups of devourers on the eastern half of the map, with a large number of them closely-packed in the tar-filled northeastern end. As such, it is recommended to clear the rest of the map before venturing to the northeastern corner.
Ascalon Dragon's Gullet 130 117 176 Has hidden Devourers.
Ascalon Eastern Frontier 190 180 216 There are many hidden Devourer groups in this area, concentrated mostly in the southern half.
Ascalon Flame Temple Corridor 100 96 122 Has hidden Devourers.
Ascalon Old Ascalon 245 200 304 The Eastern portion has numerous Devourer and Crown of Thorns pop-ups.
Ascalon Regent Valley 150 129 178 There are many hidden Devourers in this area.
Ascalon Pockmark Flats 170 135 234 There are numerous Devourer pop-ups throughout the zone, with a large number in the northern valley surrounding the Searing Crystal.
Ascalon The Breach 130 100 134 Has hidden Devourers and Crown of Thorns.
Kryta Talmark Wilderness 225 185 244 There are hidden Fog Nightmares throughout the area, encountered either alone or in pairs.


Region Explorable Area Average Min Kills Max Kills Notes
Kryta Nebo Terrace (War in Kryta) 240 205 272
Kryta Kessex Peak (War in Kryta) 154 186
Kryta North Kryta Province (War in Kryta) 190 166 213
Kryta Scoundrel's Rise (War in Kryta) 66-67 65 70
Kryta Talmark Wilderness (War in Kryta) 195 183 202
Kryta Twin Serpent Lakes (War in Kryta) 135 121 150
Kryta Watchtower Coast (War in Kryta) 155 120 234 Has hidden Peacekeepers and Spined Aloes.
Kryta The Black Curtain (War in Kryta) 290 263 309 There are a lot of hidden creatures in this area.
Kryta Cursed Lands (War in Kryta) 86 78 89
  • Total gold reward accumulated from vanquishing these areas averages to about 49Platinum.
  • The War in Kryta versions of explorable areas contain significantly harder foes than their regular counterparts.
  • All areas in Prophecies other than Watchtower Coast can be vanquished with a full party of 8 players. See this section section for details.


Region Explorable Area Average Min Kills Max Kills Notes
Kaineng City Bukdek Byway 135 63 228
Shing Jea Island Zen Daijun (explorable area) 163 160 166
Shing Jea Island Sunqua Vale 135 98 152
Shing Jea Island Kinya Province 115 83 146
Shing Jea Island Minister Cho's Estate (explorable area) 210 183 220
Shing Jea Island Saoshang Trail 33 28 37
Shing Jea Island Panjiang Peninsula 168 131 235
Shing Jea Island Jaya Bluffs 195 163 202
Shing Jea Island Haiju Lagoon 160 158 205
The Jade Sea Boreas Seabed (explorable area) 200 147 237
The Jade Sea Unwaking Waters (explorable area) 146 134 158
The Jade Sea Gyala Hatchery (explorable area) 195 183 209
The Jade Sea Maishang Hills 185 150 274
The Jade Sea Archipelagos 197 156 238
The Jade Sea Mount Qinkai 140 110 190
The Jade Sea Rhea's Crater 240 224 271
The Jade Sea Silent Surf 259 235 283
Echovald Forest Arborstone (explorable area) 309 245 372
Echovald Forest The Eternal Grove (explorable area) 241 226 256
Echovald Forest Drazach Thicket 225 207 281
Echovald Forest Mourning Veil Falls 215 200 227
Echovald Forest Ferndale 245 225 346
Echovald Forest Melandru's Hope 177 157 228
Echovald Forest Morostav Trail 297 269 318
Kaineng City Pongmei Valley 146 127 171
Kaineng City Xaquang Skyway 161 153 168
Kaineng City Nahpui Quarter (explorable area) 110 96 112 Has hidden groups of Jade Brotherhood.
Kaineng City Raisu Palace (explorable area) 255 242 264
Kaineng City Shadow's Passage 14 6 39
Kaineng City Wajjun Bazaar 220 70 271
Kaineng City Shenzun Tunnels 240 180 256
Kaineng City Sunjiang District (explorable area) 205 195 210
Kaineng City Tahnnakai Temple (explorable area) 125 121 134


Region Explorable Area Average Min Kills Max Kills Notes
Kaineng City Shadow's Passage (Winds of Change) 31 22 39
Kaineng City Shenzun Tunnels (Winds of Change) 218 216 220
Echovald Forest Morostav Trail (Winds of Change) 272 268 275
The Jade Sea Rhea's Crater (Winds of Change) 207 207 207
Kaineng City Bukdek Byway (Winds of Change) 132 132 132
The Jade Sea Silent Surf (Winds of Change) 225 225 225
Shing Jea Island Zen Daijun (Winds of Change) 297 254 339
Kaineng City Pongmei Valley (Winds of Change) 124 120 127
Shing Jea Island Haiju Lagoon (Winds of Change) 75 56 94
Shing Jea Island Minister Cho's Estate (Winds of Change) 200 182 243
Kaineng City Sunjiang District (Winds of Change) 168 140 195
  • Total gold reward accumulated from vanquishing these areas averages to about 30Platinum.
  • The Winds of Change versions of explorable areas contain significantly harder foes than their regular counterparts.
  • The areas on the Western and Eastern halves of Shing Jea Island can only be vanquished with a maximum party size of 4 or 6 respectively.


Region Explorable Area Average Min Kills Max Kills Notes
Istan Plains of Jarin 209 188 229
Istan Cliffs of Dohjok 121 113 201
Istan Zehlon Reach 243 222 264
Istan Fahranur, The First City 220 196 244
Istan Lahtenda Bog 401 356 611
Istan Issnur Isles 350 339 361
Istan Mehtani Keys 246 210 281
Kourna Bahdok Caverns 281 258 304
Kourna Barbarous Shore 177 153 201
Kourna Arkjok Ward 324 279 368
Kourna Dejarin Estate 249 230 268
Kourna The Floodplain of Mahnkelon 232 200 281
Kourna Gandara, the Moon Fortress 94 64 124
Kourna Jahai Bluffs 281 251 310
Kourna Marga Coast 292 254 330
Kourna Sunward Marches 297 267 327
Kourna Turai's Procession 195 163 219
Vabbi Garden of Seborhin 261 214 307
Vabbi Holdings of Chokhin 234 220 248
Vabbi Resplendent Makuun 182 150 206
Vabbi The Hidden City of Ahdashim 231 205 257
Vabbi The Mirror of Lyss 204 158 250
Vabbi Forum Highlands 289 243 334
Vabbi Vehjin Mines 173 139 206
Vabbi Vehtendi Valley 242 225 259
Vabbi Yatendi Canyons 212 191 232
Vabbi Wilderness of Bahdza 168 159 176
The Desolation Crystal Overlook 196 190 201
The Desolation Joko's Domain 382 326 438
The Desolation The Shattered Ravines 310 278 341
The Desolation The Alkali Pan 300 281 326
The Desolation The Sulfurous Wastes 329 237 421
The Desolation Poisoned Outcrops 227 176 277
The Desolation The Ruptured Heart 240 236 243
  • Total gold reward accumulated from vanquishing these areas averages to about 42Platinum.
  • Vanquishing all areas will grant approximately 21k Sunspear points and 20k Lightbringer points in addition to any bounties taken.
  • All areas in Istan can be vanquished with a full party of 8 players. See this section section for details.

Eye of the North[edit]

Region Explorable Area Average Min Kills Max Kills Notes
Far Shiverpeaks Varajar Fells 502 463 541
Far Shiverpeaks Jaga Moraine 271 251 290
Far Shiverpeaks Ice Cliff Chasms 152 141 163
Far Shiverpeaks Norrhart Domains 258 229 286
Far Shiverpeaks Bjora Marches 236 220 252
Far Shiverpeaks Drakkar Lake 429 330 527
Tarnished Coast Verdant Cascades 288 268 308
Tarnished Coast Sparkfly Swamp 332 310 353
Charr Homelands Sacnoth Valley 429 390 468
Tarnished Coast Magus Stones 389 368 409
Charr Homelands Grothmar Wardowns 217 189 240
Charr Homelands Dalada Uplands 292 278 306
Tarnished Coast Arbor Bay 469 375 563
Tarnished Coast Riven Earth 280 260 299
Tarnished Coast Alcazia Tangle 229 220 237
  • Total gold reward accumulated from vanquishing these areas averages to about 24Platinum.

Larger party sizes[edit]

You can increase your party size for vanquishing by starting from an outpost further along in the campaign; this is often called caravan vanquishing. Since you will not be able to enter outposts along the way, plan carefully, e.g. allow for sufficient inventory space and bring Death Penalty removal items.

The following outposts can be used to increase party sizes for the listed areas:


Outpost Party size Vanquishable areas
Yak's Bend 6 all Ascalon areas.
Temple of the Ages 8 WEST: all western Kryta areas, Maguuma Jungle areas,
EAST: all eastern Kryta areas (except Watchtower Coast), Northern Shiverpeaks areas and Ascalon areas.
Camp Rankor or
Deldrimor War Camp
8 Dreadnought's Drift and Lornar's Pass.
Mouth of Torment
(requires Nightfall)
8 all Crystal Desert areas, using the teleporter in Crystal Overlook to enter the Arid Sea.


Outpost Party size Vanquishable areas
Beknur Harbor or
Blacktide Den
8 Zehlon Reach.
Dajkah Inlet 8 Plains of Jarin.

Dockmaster Dimedeh will teleport the party to Kamadan:
all players, any henchmen available in Kamadan, and up to three heroes per player (maximum of six, for two players).

Post-mission caravans[edit]

A party of 8 can also caravan vanquish the Plains of Jarin after completing one of the following missions:

Mission Arrival point Party composition
Blacktide Den Sunspear Great Hall Same as Dajkah Inlet above (players, henchmen available in the hall, and up to three heroes per player).
Venta Cemetery Kamadan Same as Dajkah Inlet above (players, local henchmen, up to three heroes per player).
Abaddon's Gate Kamadan Players only (speak to Volatiss in the Throne of Secrets to be transported back to Istan).


  • Unspawned popup foes do not need to be killed to vanquish the area, but they must be killed once they have spawned. However, if a Wurm has been spawned but it is underground at the time when the last foe has been killed (except for the Wurm), you will have vanquished the area even though the Wurm will pop back up. These foes can greatly impact the amount of kills required.
  • Quests often change the type and quantities of enemies in any given area, and can heavily change the number of kills required to vanquish an area.
  • Unlike bounties, the Vanquisher kill counter will include all enemy deaths, even those not caused by the player's party. This can happen when multiple groups of foes engage each other.
  • "We have vanquished 0 foe[s]!" appears in team chat if you call the Vanquisher kill counter before the area has been vanquished. "We have vanquished every foe in the area!" appears in team chat if you call the Vanquisher kill counter after the area has been vanquished. "We" is used even when your character is the only party member.
Anomaly Anomaly.There is at least one area in which the kill counter might not properly reflect progress under some narrow conditions. For details, see the Wajjun Bazaar article.


  • Remember to bring Lockpicks to open chests along the way.
  • Combines well with Cartographer titles, since both require navigating the entire area. Remember to scrape the borders; for example, in Cantha, you will earn 90% of the title simply by scraping while vanquishing.
  • Combines well with allegiance titles (Sunspear, Kurzick, Luxon, Lightbringer, Asura, Norn, and Ebon Vanguard) as you can use bounties to collect allegiance points. Avoid unnecessary work by completing the vanquisher titles first; you have a good chance of maxing Sunspear and Lightbringer ranks by the same time that you vanquish the last area in Nightfall.
  • In the Jade Sea and Echovald Forest:
    • You can accept an opposing allegiance blessing and end up collecting faction that will be wasted. (However, you still receive health bonuses; if both sides have shrines in the area, you can gain both bonuses).
    • Attempt to vanquish areas that currently do not have opposing priests (i.e. Kurzick Priests when you have more unspent Luxon faction than Kurzick faction; Luxon Priests when you have more unspent Kurzick faction than Luxon faction), pull foes away from an opposing priest, or kill opposing priests instead of bribing them, since they will heal allies and foes (which can prolong vanquishes) even after you bribe them.
  • Death Penalty removal items are very useful, e.g. Powerstones of Courage or Honeycombs.
  • Bring Mercantile Summoning Stones on long vanquishing routes so that you can sell off accumulated drops to free up inventory space. You can use another summoning stone instead of a Mercantile Summoning Stone when vanquishing an area with a merchant (e.g. faction merchants in the Jade Sea and Echovald Forest), artisan, and/or weaponsmith.
  • Some players prefer beginning with the Canthan Vanquisher title: it has the fewest required areas, some of the smallest areas, and all the areas can be entered directly from an outpost or town. Tyrian Vanquisher has the largest areas, the greatest number of areas, and the highest percentage of areas that cannot be entered directly from an outpost or town (which is also the reason Prophecies has the most areas that can be caravan vanquished).
  • Vanquish in sections, to avoid having to return to find a missing patrol or group — choose a small room or area and clear it before moving on. This allows you to move methodically around the area with efficiency and speed.
    • If you go clockwise around an area and miss a group, try moving counterclockwise, and vice-versa. Some groups can have long, cyclical patrols, and may be travelling the same way you have been.


Character titles
Core Cartographer Drunkard Guardian Maxed Titles Party Animal Protector Skill Hunter Survivor Sweet Tooth Vanquisher
Prophecies Legendary Defender of Ascalon
Nightfall Lightbringer Sunspear
Eye of the North Asura Deldrimor Ebon Vanguard Master of the North Norn
All campaigns Legendary Cartographer Legendary Guardian Legendary Skill Hunter Legendary Vanquisher
Core Champion Codex Gamer Gladiator Hero Lucky Treasure Hunter Unlucky Wisdom Zaishen
Factions Kurzick Luxon
Retired Commander