Forum Highlands

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Disambig icon.png This article is about an explorable area. This name is also used for a Zaishen vanquish quest.
Forum Highlands
Forum Highlands.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Vabbi
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) Garden of Seborhin
Jennur's Horde
Nightfallen Garden
The Kodash Bazaar
Tihark Orchard
Vehtendi Valley
Forum Highlands map.jpg
Interactive map
Non-interactive maps

The Forum Highlands lies to the south of the beautiful Garden of Seborhin. The wide plaza that sits in the northeast is used for a variety of activities by Vabbians, including but not limited to trading, festivals, plays, and socializing. The Font of Lyss can be found at the center of the plaza.

Getting there

Characters will pass through here out of Vehtendi Valley as part of the primary quest Rally The Princes, on their way to meet with Priestess Haila in the center of the plaza.



Resurrection shrines with bounties
Resurrection shrines with a statue
  • Avatar of Dwayna
    • Near the center of the area.
  • Champion of Balthazar
    • At the exit into Jennur's Horde.
    • Near the western edge, southwest of the corner of the large hilly and sandy area.
    • South of the Font of Lyss plaza.
  • Lyssa's Muse
    • At the exit into the Kodash Bazaar.
    • At the exit into Vehtendi Valley.
  • Melandru's Watcher
    • Between the exits into the Garden of Seborhin and Tihark Orchard.
  • Voice of Grenth
    • Along the southern edge, near Commander Sadi-Belai's group.

Quests available


These quests affect the spawns in this area:



Vabbian military

Vabbian citizens

Other allies

Charmable animals




Demons (Margonites)


Elementals (Djinn)



Humans (Kournan military)


Demons (Margonites)

Elementals (Djinn)


Humans (Kournan military)



  • Vanquisher runs of this area without active quests require defeating around 289 foes. Including quest influences, it has been reported to range from 243 to 334 foes.
    • The elemental groups are concentrated towards the south. Their groups, although small, are close to each other. Careful pulling is recommended.
    • The Desperate Measures quest in particular will produce additional Harpy and Heket spawns.
    • The Hekets and Harpies in this area are hostile to each other. After one group wipes another out, take advantage of the winner's weakened state.
    • Korshek the Immolated can easily wipe out unprepared groups. Protective Spirit and Pain Inverter are highly recommended, as the first will lower his damage output, and the second will reflect the damage back to him. See Korshek the Immolated (Zaishen quest) for additional strategies.

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