Do Not Touch

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Do Not Touch
Do Not Touch.jpg
Type Treasure
Campaign Nightfall

Do Not Touch is a type of interactive object that will spawn Elementals, drop items, and give gold to its user when activated.





Bug Bug.Whenever a Do Not Touch is looted, there is a chance that the Elementals protecting the treasure won't spawn at all.
  • Do Not Touch objects are a type of Treasure found in Nightfall.
  • After releasing a treasure, subsequent attempts to get treasure will trigger a message, "A magical force prevents you from touching the treasure," until they are reset (which is thought to take just over a month from the last time they were touched).
  • When they have treasure, touching them will spawn 3-5 fire-based defenders: Immolated Djinn (in Bahdok Caverns) or Ruby Djinn (in Forum Highlands).
    (For safety, scatter your party before touching the objects.)