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Disambig icon.png This article is about Nightfall chests. For Eye of the North NPCs revealed by the Light of Deldrimor, see Hidden Treasure.

Treasure refers to a special type of unlocked chest found in the Nightfall campaign.



Opening treasure yields both a single item (dropped on the ground) and some gold (added directly to your character's inventory). The item will be either a gem (diamond, ruby or sapphire), weapon, or salvage item (of purple or gold rarity). As with other loot, the values increase as you progress through the game. The cash values increase with each successive region, from about 500Gold in Istan to 3,000Gold in the Realm of Torment. A player might expect to receive 20Platinum if they open every treasure. (However, these values decrease as you reveal each treasure; see Notes for more information.)

Locations of all treasure[edit]

Region Buried Treasure Do Not Touch Treasure Chest Initial gold
Istan Issnur Isles Map.jpg   Mehtani Keys Map.jpg 500 Gold
Kourna Arkjok Ward Map.jpg Bahdok Caverns Map.jpg Jahai Bluffs Map.jpg 1,000 Gold
Vabbi The Mirror of Lyss Map.jpg Forum Highlands Map.jpg The Hidden City of Ahdashim Map.jpg 2,000 Gold
The Desolation The Ruptured Heart Map.jpg   The Sulfurous Wastes Map.jpg 2,000 Gold
Realm of Torment   Domain of Pain Map.jpg 3,000 Gold
Nightfallen Jahai Map.jpg


  • Treasures are always unlocked. Neither keys nor lockpicks are required.
  • Treasures labeled Do Not Touch often are guarded by several hidden Immolated or Ruby Djinn that will popup when the treasure is opened. Spread your party out before opening to avoid their dangerous area of effect skills.
Treasure quality

Treasure quality is the amount of cash and the chance of getting a gold item. The factors governing quality are not entirely understood; however, the following properties have been well documented:

  • Cash values are linked to the rarity of items found: purple items are found with about 0.66 the cash of that found with gold items.
  • Quality decreases permanently for a character each time they reveal any treasure.[1]
    • The lower cash limits appear to be as little as 100Gold in Istan and 700Gold in the Realm of Torment, or around 25% of the original value on average once the scaling reaches its lowest point.
    • Scaling of the rewards only kicks in after a particular number of treasures (significantly more than three) have been revealed,[2] and levels out after another number of the treasures have been opened.[1]
  • Hard mode does not appear to affect the values.
Treasure availability

Each character can receive loot only once during a certain period, believed to be around 30 days per treasure. Opening the chest too soon means that there will be no treasure; some evidence suggests that this resets the waiting period.

Anomaly Anomaly.Sometimes opening treasure yields a single gold rarity item but no gold.