Domain of Pain

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Domain of Pain
Domain of Pain.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Realm of Torment
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) Gate of Fear
Gate of Pain
Domain of Pain map.jpg
Interactive map
Non-interactive maps

The Domain of Pain is the explorable area beyond the Gate of Pain. This domain is the first of many in Abaddon's dark realm. A large Margonite fortress sits in the middle of this area, ringed by the River of Souls. The eastern portion is the frighteningly fleshy landscape of the Leech Tunnels; as if you are within the body of some monstrosity. A dilapidated temple to Balthazar with silent and broken statues can be found near the western end surrounded by flesh. At the actual western end, there are the backs of two giant torsos that look like trophies from two large beasts. The only place not fleshy is the Battlements of Bec'qessor and the inside of the Shrine of the Traitors.

Getting there[edit]

This area can only be reached via the Gate of Fear. The Gate of Pain cannot be used to enter this area.



Resurrection shrines with bounties

Quests available[edit]


The following quests affect the spawns in this area:



Demons (Margonites)

Demons (Torment creatures)

Nightmares (Shadow Army)

Titans (arranged in spawning pattern order)


Demons (Margonites)

Demons (Torment creatures)




  • While in this area, your party suffers from the Dreadful Pain environment effect (i.e. take 20 damage per skill activation).
  • This area does not contribute to the Elonian Cartographer title since it is in the Realm of Torment and does not show up on the world map.
  • This area is not required for the Elonian Vanquisher title.
  • When entering, be ready to fight immediately. One or two groups of the Shadow Army may have spawned too close to the exit portal and may be within aggro range upon entry.
  • The bridge which leads to the boss Fahralon the Zealous may confuse the pathfinding AI of the heroes or henchmen. In rare cases they get stuck at the end of the bridge.


  • The fleshy areas to the east were depicted in some concept art prior to the release of Guild Wars Nightfall.

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