Throne of Secrets

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Throne of Secrets
Throne of Secrets.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Realm of Torment
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Throne of Secrets
Throne of Secrets map.jpg
Overview map

The Throne of Secrets used to be Abaddon's seat of power, his prison of late. With the fall of the mad god, heroes and many individuals of renown have gathered in this area to offer their gratitude and thanks to the heroes of Guild Wars Nightfall.

The area is entered only by completing Abaddon's Gate. As you explore this area, fireworks are launched and the endgame credits will scroll on the screen.



Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Nightfall.

Resurrection shrines with a statue

Quests available[edit]




(all of these are collectors for 1 Book of Secrets)

Heroes and henchmen[edit]

Other allies[edit]


The Heroes of Ascalon[edit]

Mhenlo: Stop for a moment, <player name>. Inhale the air of your victory. On this day you have done something greater than mortal men: you have ended the insanity of a god.
Eve: ...and created a new god. Something that has not happened since ancient times.
Devona: I can't imagine what would have happened to Elona if you hadn't been here, <player name>.
Cynn: I can. It mostly revolves around fire and pain and cities filled with zombies...
Aidan: That's enough, Cynn.
Eve: Actually, Cynn, I thought it was rather delightful.
Aidan: Elona has a new chance at life. That is more than we mortals are given. Kormir's new divinity is a blessing. Those she loves will be forever safe. I wish I could be so fortunate
Cynn: We should head back to Ascalon. Peace is boring.
Devona: Elona still has troubles, Cynn. They still need heroes. But I think <player name> can handle it from here.
Mhenlo: Devona is right. The future of Elona is in your hands, <player name>. Come, my friends. Let us return home.

The Sunspears[edit]

Odurra: All of this end-of-the-world business has made me realize what's really important in life: family. I will journey to Tyria and join my sister, Erudine. Perhaps I can help her in her work. Thank you, hero, for everything.
Herta: Oh, thank Dwayna that's over. Nothing personal... you did a great job, but all I want right now is a glass of sweet tea and a three-year-long nap.
Gehraz: I thought the gods gave us pain to show us we are strong, but I was wrong. They give us pain so we can see that heroes like you still walk in our midst. You did things I never could have done. I can only hope to live up to you, great one.
Sogolon: The trumpets in Vabbi sound your victory, and all of Istan rejoices at your safe return. This is the day of your destiny, the day when you stand among heroes and kings and know that you are their equal. Seize the moment, my friend! The day is yours!

The Lovers[edit]

Koss: Ahai, my friend! We've traveled a whole continent together, and even fought a god! I bet now you're grateful that you took me along with you. You couldn't have done it without ol'Koss!
Melonni: I believe that Melandru's hand guided me to your side. Through you, Istan and its people were saved. Thank you for all that you have done.

The Istani, Kournans and Zaishen[edit]

Dunkoro: Although the journey has been long, it was successful thanks to you. Even Kormir was never as competent a student as you. I am honored to have shown you the way.
Zhed Shadowhoof: With a roar and a mighty blow, you felled Abaddon! Your tale will be told among our tribes, two-le... I mean, my friend. I will see to it... even if I have to set fire to the storyteller's tail!
Acolyte Jin: Nightfall threatened to consume Elona. For the sake of my people, my homeland, as well as my adopted country of Istan, I salute your bravery.
Margrid the Sly: Alright, alright... I admit it. You've grown on me. All your talk of heroism, peace, and "doing the right thing" made me reexamine my life. Gold isn't everything. Good work, hero. Now I'll have to find another line of work...
Acolyte Sousuke: They're going to build a statue of you in Kamadan, you know. Twenty feet high and built like a... uhm... well-constructed! I can't wait to see it and tell everyone that I knew you when.

The Vabbians[edit]

Goren: Are you really going to travel the world with us, Tahlkora? I thought when all this was over you'd head back home to be a princess.
Tahlkora: I'm not cut out to be a princess. Besides, a lot of people out there need heroes. Now that I really am one, I'm going to do my best for them.
Norgu: We'd be ever so happy to have you along, dear maiden. But are you certain of this decision? The world is a very big place, and you're a very small girl, after all.
Tahlkora: I'm sure. This is what's right for me... I can feel it. The world is calling my name, and I'm not afraid to answer. Not anymore.
Goren: I'm glad, Tahlkora! But don't forget about Vabbi. It'll be waiting to welcome you home... someday.

The Exiled[edit]

General Morgahn: When I served Kourna, you were my enemy. They say a man is defined by the enemies he chooses. I can think of no better way to be remembered than as the soldier that served by your side. Not a general. Not a commander. Just your friend.
Olias: Grenth opens his arms and welcomes into his grasp the souls of those who opposed you. He will be busy for a while, I think...
Zenmai: To be mo zing is to be without a master. To be alone. I am mo zing no more. I will follow you... from this day forward.

Cinematic (Reprise)[edit]

"Elona. Land of the Golden Sun.
A land of wealth and bounty.
A land of heroes.
A land protected by its champions.
A shadow fell upon this land, once.
The shadow of an ancient and forgotten darkness.
Night fell, and the time of the Five Gods ended.
Yet after every night, comes a new dawn of a new day.
And a time for new heroes.
In Elona, the Land of the Golden Sun."


  • Talk to the Keeper of Secrets to receive a Book of Secrets (only once for each character). It can be exchanged for a unique weapon from one of the collectors in this area. This can be done on subsequent visits if you forget the first time.
  • Remember to get the quests offered by the heroes that your character has not yet unlocked. These are easy quests that allow you to acquire them.
  • If you intend to make use of the crafting services in this area, make sure you bring the correct amount of crafting materials and enough money to craft them; there are no merchants, traders, or Xunlai Agents here.
  • This area does not contribute to the Elonian Cartographer title since it is in the Realm of Torment and does not show up on the world map.
  • This area is not required for the Elonian Vanquisher title.
  • Normally, only the northern path to the Forgotten Keepers is available, however, it is possible to access the southern path. Stand in front of the Forgotten blocking the way and click on the ground behind them. It can take a few tries to get it right.
  • Dying in Throne of Secrets followed by clicking the "Return to Outpost" button returns you to Abaddon's Gate as if the final mission had failed.


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