Gain Jin

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Gain Jin
Section Realm of Torment Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Acolyte Jin
in Throne of Secrets
(Realm of Torment)
Preceded by Abaddon's Gate
Type Secondary quest

Quest Information[edit]


  • Only available if you hadn't recruited Jin yet.




Speak with Field General Hayao in Sun Docks.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Acolyte Jin

"Good day, noble hero. Your deeds prove you possess great honor and a commitment to the good of the nation. I, too, revere these things. Let me serve you, and I will bring honor to your house. Will you accept my sword? If you do, please tell General Hayao so he may write your name in the scrolls of our people."
Yes Accept: "It would be my honor."
No Decline: "Seems like a lot of paperwork. Can't we just shake on it?"
Ask Ask: "I am still bowed in service. I wish to swear fealty to you. Have you spoken to General Hayao?"

Reward dialogue[edit]

General Hayao

"Jin will make a fine companion, hero. Your combined might will defeat any enemy the gods choose to send against you. May the emperor remember you in his prayers."