Acolyte Jin

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Acolyte Jin
Acolyte Jin Zaishen armor.jpg
Affiliation Zaishen Order
Type Human
Profession Ranger Ranger
Service Hero
Level(s) 11..20
Campaign Nightfall

Grim Zaishen Archer
"Actions, not words."
Origin: Canthan
Age: 17
Profession: Ranger
When Jin was a young girl growing up on the coast of Cantha, her family was slain by monstrous creatures in the dead of night. From that moment on, she trained as an archer, determined that the forces of darkness would never take her by surprise again. For hours, she silently practiced with her bow, taking some small measure of comfort in the sound of a bowstring releasing or the menace of an arrow in flight. Even before she joined the Zaishen Order, she was a determined and deadly adversary, and their instruction has made her even more dangerous.

Traveling with others makes her feel a little safer, but she considers the concept of "safety in numbers" a delusion. In the end, she knows it's her own skill that means the difference between life and death. She does not care about rank or status in the Zaishen Order. Each day she systematically eliminates another monster threatening Elona, she finds it a little easier to survive one more night of troubled sleep.

The Guild Wars Nightfall Manuscripts



Quests given:

Quests involved in:



Complete the quest Student Jin, which is unlocked by completing the quest Zaishen Elite. Both quests can be obtained from Field General Hayao. (Accepting the quest to recruit Jin prevents the recruitment of Acolyte Sousuke until after the completion of the Nightfall campaign.)

If you first chose Sousuke, you can recruit Jin with the Gain Jin quest available in the Throne of Secrets.


4 Expertise, 6 Wilderness Survival, 8 Marksmanship


Acolyte Jin starts with ranger Zaishen armor, which has the appearance of yellow dyed Ranger Shing Jea armor, and a Zaishen mask as the headgear. Her armor has an armor rating of 25 to 70, depending on her level.

The appearance of her armor can be upgraded to Elite Sunspear armor using Stolen Sunspear Armor acquired from the Dajkah Inlet Challenge Mission, or to Primeval armor using Primeval Armor Remnants acquired in the Domain of Anguish and during the Ebony Citadel of Mallyx mission.

See Acolyte Jin's armor gallery.


Sun Docks, Plains of Jarin, and Zehlon Reach:

"My family was killed because they weren't prepared for danger. The Zaishen rescued me. I vowed to prepare myself for the perils of life and learned the ways of the bow from an early age. Lead me through danger and my arrows will darken the sky above your path."


"Actions, not words, define a Zaishen."

Throne of Secrets:

"I told you once before: there is no danger so great that a courageous heart cannot overcome it"


Storyline quotes[edit]

Quotes in the context of the Nightfall storyline:

"We must follow Kormir. She is a great leader and worthy of honor. Are you prepared to serve?"
"I won't insult Kournan solidarity by suggesting they flee. Besides, it would ruin the fun."
"No time to talk. Just tell me who to shoot."
"We're going after those Sunspears, right?"
"Monsters are monsters, don't you get that? They turn on you. One day we'll wake up to find Zhed's muzzle bloody, with everyone dead."
"Are we going to follow every message that gets dropped at our door? How in the name of Balthazar did a djinn even GET into the sanctuary?"
"Very well. We follow the corsair to the map. The best way to convert distrust is to share an enemy between you."
"You want me to play dress-up? Wonderful. So this is "heroism" in disguise."
"Why are we waiting? Kormir needs us."
"The priestess is waiting for you. Don't you have any respect for authority?"
"If you go alone, there will be nobody there to tell you when you're an idiot."
"I know I'm hard on you, but right now I'm going to tell you the truth. I am proud to travel by your side."
"This smells like fish left out too long. Varesh sending her troops all over the place? I say you bring me in case we need to talk our way out. And by "talk" I mean "kill."[sic]"
"I am troubled by this. I can feel it in my belly. Like really bad fish."
"I have no reason to save these princes. But if you say we go, we go. Cowards, all of them."
"These creatures look dangerous. Perhaps we can learn more from Head Priest Vahmani."
"We must hurry before something bad happens to... the... Vabbi princes... hm. Are you sure we're in a rush?"
"Not that I mind keeping those three waiting, but we should probably get around to speaking to the Vabbi princes soon."
"Varesh! What treachery! Hurry, we must go to the Grand Court of Sebelkeh now!"
"Varesh is making a serious error. She's showing us her plans before she completes them. That means she can be predicted."
"Dreams can be deadly."
"The veil is thinning, and Abaddon draws closer. His minions leave orphans in their wake, where they leave anything at all. Sunspear Sanctuary needs us."
"We've got a lot of ground to cover. Be ready to kill anything that gets in our way."
"Kormir's soul is traveling. I believe we will meet her again."
"I once believed that if you died in an evil place, your soul wouldn't make it to the gods. Now I don't care, as long as it doesn't stay in the Desolation."
"I am familiar with djinn-fire. Be cautious, it is incredibly powerful... and once you have a taste of power, you may not wish to give it up."
"Now Palawa Joko has an army. We're not making the same mistakes; We're making all new ones."
"Kormir must be here, somewhere."
"This land is a prison, built to contain a god."
"Those spirits in the river were the souls of our ancestors. They will remember us when it is our time to pass on."
"The Gate of Secrets is the place to go. We'll see if Kormir is ready to continue."
"Do not let fear enter your heart, or you will never again root it out."
"It is time to strike at the heart of this sickness. Abaddon."
"I will return to Cantha and carry news of your mighty deeds to the emperor himself."

Battle quotes[edit]

"Another enemy struck down!"
"As long as there is injustice, we'll be there!"
"Come on, death! Try to take me!"
"Fall back! Flank them!"
"For the glory of battle!"
"I cannot fall!"
"I don't like it. It was too easy."
"I will deliver your blood to Balthazar!"
"I've been waiting for this all day."
"Like wheat before a blade!"
"Never give up. Never surrender."
"No fear!"
"Prepare to face your gods!"
"Show them what pain is!"
"You want a piece of me? One at a time!"


  • A duplicate Acolyte Jin will show up as a "Zaishen Ranger".
  • Acolyte Jin's default weapon is an uncustomized blue Wooden Longbow with 11-17 damage, an attribute requirement of 5 and Damage +10% while Health is above 50%.
  • As with most heroes, this one has a tonic form.


  • "As long as there is injustice, we'll be there!", "Never give up. Never surrender." and "I don't like it. It was too easy." are all references to lines from the movie Galaxy Quest.
    • "As long as there is injustice, we'll be there!" may alternatively be taken from ¡Three Amigos!.

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