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Hero skill trainers are skill trainers located in Nightfall and Eye of the North. These NPCs are recognized by the "[Hero Skills]" suffix-tags in their names.

Service NPCs[edit]

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Hero skill trainers function similar to skill trainers with some differences:

  • To learn and/or unlock a skill at a hero skill trainer, the character must spend a hero skill point. Hero skill trainers will not display or offer to teach a character any skills unless that character has at least one hero skill point.
    • Skills for all the professions can be viewed at a hero skill trainer, regardless of primary or current secondary profession.
    • Hero skill trainers will only display skills a character does not already know.
    • If the character does not already know the acquired skill, the character will also learn it regardless of their primary or current secondary profession. If the new skill is outside of their current professions, it becomes available when the character switches to the appropriate secondary profession.
  • Some hero skill trainers in Nightfall offer Sunspear skills to characters who have a rank of Sunspear Sergeant or higher.

Hero skill trainers[edit]

Note: Locations are sorted "in order of appearance", i.e. the order that players are most likely to reach them in, if they follow the storyline.





The Desolation[edit]

Realm of Torment[edit]

Eye of the North[edit]

Far Shiverpeaks[edit]

Tarnished Coast[edit]


  • Skills can only be learned once a secondary profession has been chosen, otherwise the following dialogue is displayed:
"I can't help but notice that you haven't chosen a secondary profession yet. You really ought to head back to town and get that sorted out.
Come back to me when that's done and I'll be able to teach you and your Heroes some new skills."
  • Hero skill trainers in Eye of the North all offer the exact same skill set.

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