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"Don't Believe Their Lies!"
"Fear Me!"
"For Great Justice!"
"I Will Avenge You!"
"I Will Survive!"
"Shields Up!"
"To the Limit!"
"Victory Is Mine!"
"Watch Yourself!"
Air Attunement
Animate Bone Fiend
Animate Bone Horror
Animate Bone Minions
Antidote Signet
Apply Poison
Arcane Conundrum
Arcane Echo
Arcane Mimicry
Arcane Thievery
Armor of Earth
Armor of Frost
Armor of Mist
Aura of Faith
Aura of Restoration
Aura of the Lich
Awaken the Blood
Axe Rake
Axe Twist
Balanced Stance
Balthazar's Aura
Balthazar's Spirit
Bane Signet
Barbed Signet
Barbed Trap
Battle Rage
Belly Smash
Berserker Stance
Bestial Pounce
Blessed Aura
Blessed Signet
Blinding Flash
Blood Renewal
Blood Ritual
Blood is Power
Blood of the Master
Blurred Vision
Bonetti's Defense
Brutal Strike
Bull's Charge
Bull's Strike
Call of Brutality
Call of Disruption
Call of Elemental Protection
Call of Feeding
Call of Ferocity
Call of Haste
Call of Healing
Call of Protection
Call of Resilience
Call of Vitality
Call of the Hunter
Called Shot
Chain Lightning
Chain Lightning (environment)
Chaos Storm
Charm Animal
Choking Gas
Comfort Animal
Concussion Shot
Conjure Flame
Conjure Frost
Conjure Lightning
Conjure Phantasm
Consume Corpse
Contemplation of Purity
Convert Hexes
Counter Blow
Crippling Anguish
Crippling Shot
Crude Swing
Crushing Blow
Cry of Frustration
Crystal Wave
Curse of the Bloodstone
Cyclone Axe
Dark Aura
Dark Bond
Dark Fury
Dark Pact
Deadly Riposte
Death Nova
Deathly Chill
Deathly Swarm
Debilitating Shot
Deep Freeze
Deep Wound
Defensive Stance
Defile Flesh
Deflect Arrows
Defy Pain
Demonic Flesh
Desecrate Enchantments
Desperation Blow
Determined Shot
Devastating Hammer
Disciplined Stance
Disrupting Chop
Disrupting Lunge
Distracting Blow
Distracting Shot
Divine Boon
Divine Healing
Divine Intervention
Divine Spirit
Dolyak Signet
Drain Enchantment
Draw Conditions
Dryder's Defenses
Dual Shot
Dust Trap
Dwarven Battle Stance
Dwayna's Kiss
Earth Attunement
Earth Shaker
Edge of Extinction
Elemental Attunement
Elemental Resistance
Endure Pain
Energizing Wind
Energy Burn
Energy Drain
Energy Surge
Energy Tap
Enervating Charge
Enfeebling Blood
Eruption (environment)
Essence Bond
Ether Feast
Ether Lord
Ether Prodigy
Ether Renewal
Ethereal Burden
Executioner's Strike
Favorable Winds
Feast of Corruption
Feral Lunge
Ferocious Strike
Fertile Season
Fevered Dreams
Final Thrust
Fire Attunement
Fire Storm
Fire Storm (environment)
Flame Burst
Flame Trap
Fount Of Maguuma
Frozen Burst
Frozen Soil
Galrath Slash
Gladiator's Defense
Glimmering Mark
Glyph of Concentration
Glyph of Elemental Power
Glyph of Energy
Glyph of Lesser Energy
Glyph of Renewal
Glyph of Sacrifice
Grasping Earth
Greater Conflagration
Grenth's Balance
Griffon's Sweep
Hammer Bash
Heal Area
Heal Other
Heal Party
Healing Breeze
Healing Fountain
Healing Hands
Healing Seed
Healing Signet
Healing Spring
Healing Touch
Heavy Blow
Hex Breaker
High Winds
Holy Strike
Holy Veil
Holy Wrath
Hundred Blades
Hunter's Shot
Ice Prison
Ice Spear
Ice Spikes
Icy Ground
Ignite Arrows
Illusion of Haste
Illusion of Weakness
Illusionary Weaponry
Imagined Burden
Incendiary Arrows
Incendiary Bonds
Infuse Condition
Infuse Health
Insidious Parasite
Inspired Enchantment
Inspired Hex
Iron Mist
Irresistible Blow
Judge's Insight
Keystone Signet
Kindle Arrows
Kinetic Armor
Lava Font
Leech Signet
Life Attunement
Life Barrier
Life Bond
Life Siphon
Life Transfer
Light of Dwayna
Lightning Javelin
Lightning Orb
Lightning Reflexes
Lightning Storm
Lightning Strike
Lightning Surge
Lightning Touch
Lingering Curse
Live Vicariously
Maelstrom (environment)
Magnetic Aura
Maiming Strike
Malign Intervention
Mantra of Celerity
Mantra of Concentration
Mantra of Earth
Mantra of Flame
Mantra of Frost
Mantra of Inscriptions
Mantra of Lightning
Mantra of Persistence
Mantra of Recall
Mantra of Recovery
Mantra of Resolve
Mantra of Signets
Mark of Pain
Mark of Protection
Mark of Rodgort
Mark of Subversion
Marksman's Wager
Melandru's Arrows
Melandru's Assault
Melandru's Resilience
Mend Ailment
Mend Condition
Meteor Shower
Mighty Blow
Mind Burn
Mind Freeze
Mind Shock
Mind Wrack
Mist Form
Muddy Terrain
Mursaat Tower (skill)
Nature's Renewal
Necrotic Traversal
Oath Shot
Obelisk Lightning
Obsidian Flame
Obsidian Flesh
Offering of Blood
Order of Pain
Order of the Vampire
Orison of Healing
Otyugh's Cry
Parasitic Bond
Peace and Harmony
Penetrating Attack
Penetrating Blow
Phantom Pain
Physical Resistance
Pin Down
Plague Sending
Plague Signet
Plague Touch
Point Blank Shot
Poison Arrow
Power Attack
Power Block
Power Drain
Power Leak
Power Shot
Power Spike
Practiced Stance
Precision Shot
Predator's Pounce
Predatory Season
Price of Failure
Primal Echoes
Protective Bond
Protective Spirit
Protector's Strike
Punishing Shot
Pure Strike
Purge Conditions
Purge Signet
Putrid Explosion
Quick Shot
Quickening Zephyr
Quicksand (environment effect)
Read the Wind
Remove Hex
Rend Enchantments
Restore Condition
Restore Life
Resurrection Signet
Reversal of Fortune
Revive Animal
Rigor Mortis
Rodgort's Invocation
Rotting Flesh
Savage Shot
Savage Slash
Scavenger Strike
Scourge Healing
Scourge Sacrifice
Searing Heat
Seeking Blade
Serpent's Quickness
Sever Artery
Shadow Strike
Shadow of Fear
Shard Storm
Shatter Delusions
Shatter Enchantment
Shatter Hex
Shield Bash
Shield Stance
Shield of Deflection
Shield of Judgment
Shield of Regeneration
Shielding Hands
Signet of Agony
Signet of Capture
Signet of Devotion
Signet of Humility
Signet of Illusions (beta version)
Signet of Judgment
Signet of Midnight
Signet of Weariness
Skull Crack
Smite Hex
Soothing Images
Soul Barbs
Soul Feast
Soul Leech
Spell Breaker
Spike Trap
Spinal Shivers
Spirit Shackles
Spirit of Failure
Spiteful Spirit
Splinter Shot (monster skill)
Staggering Blow
Stone Daggers
Storm Chaser
Strength of Honor
Strip Enchantment
Swift Chop
Swirling Aura
Symbiotic Bond
Symbol of Wrath
Sympathetic Visage
Tainted Flesh
Taste of Death
Thrill of Victory
Throw Dirt
Tiger's Fury
Touch of Agony
Troll Unguent
Unholy Feast
Unnatural Signet (alpha version)
Unyielding Aura
Vampiric Gaze
Vampiric Touch
Verata's Aura
Verata's Gaze
Verata's Sacrifice
Vigorous Spirit
Vile Touch
Vital Blessing
Vital Blessing (monster skill)
Ward Against Elements
Ward Against Foes
Ward Against Harm
Ward Against Melee
Warrior's Cunning
Warrior's Endurance
Wary Stance
Wastrel's Worry
Watchful Spirit
Water Attunement
Water Trident
Weaken Armor
Well of Blood
Well of Power
Well of Suffering
Well of the Profane
Whirling Defense
Wild Blow
Windborne Speed
Word of Healing
Zealot's Fire


"Aim True!"
"Kilroy Stonekin"
"None Shall Pass!"
"On Your Knees!"
"To the Death!"
"Victory or Death!"
Adventurer's Insight
Agnar's Rage
Amulet of Protection
Animate Flesh Golem
Animate Vampiric Horror
Arc Lightning
Arcane Languor
Archemorus' Strike
Argo's Cry
Aura of Displacement
Auspicious Blow
Auspicious Incantation
Bed of Coals
Beguiling Haze
Berserker's Insight
Black Lotus Strike
Blast Furnace
Blessed Light
Blessing of the Kurzicks
Blind Was Mingson
Blinding Powder
Blinding Snow
Blood Bond
Blood Splattering
Blood of the Aggressor
Boon Signet
Borrowed Energy
Breaking Charm
Brutal Mauling
Burden Totem
Burning Speed
Chains of Enslavement
Charm Animal (monster)
Charm Animal (monster skill)
Charr Buff
Chimera of Intensity
Churning Earth
Claim Resource
Conjure Nightmare
Consume Soul
Consuming Flames
Crippling Attack
Critical Hit Probability
Cry of Lament
Crystal Bonds
Crystal Haze
Crystal Hibernation
Cultist's Fervor
Dancing Daggers
Deadly Paradox
Deafening Roar
Death's Charge
Death Blossom
Defiant Was Xinrae
Deny Hexes
Desperate Strike
Disenchantment (attack)
Disrupting Dagger
Dissonance (attack)
Divine Fire
Domain of Elements
Domain of Energy Draining
Domain of Health Draining
Domain of Skill Damage
Domain of Slow
Dozen Shot
Dragon Slash
Dwarven Powder Keg
Dwayna's Sorrow
Embrace the Pain
Enduring Toxin
Energy Boon
Energy Boost
Energy Font
Enraged Smash
Entangling Asp
Envenom Enchantments
Ether Signet
Ethereal Light
Exhausting Assault
Expel Hexes
Expose Defenses
Expunge Enchantments
Fake Spell
Falling Spider
Feast of Souls
Fetid Ground
Fierce Blow
Flesh of My Flesh
Focused Shot
Forceful Blow
Fox Fangs
Furious Axe
Gaze of Contempt
Generous Was Tsungrai
Giant Stomp
Golden Phoenix Strike
Grasping Was Kuurong
Guardian Pacify
Guild Lord Aura
Healing Breeze (Agnar's Rage)
Healing Light
Healing Whisper
Health Drain
Hero's Insight
Holy Blessing
Horns of the Ox
Hunger of the Lich
Hunter's Insight
Icy Prism
Icy Shackles
Icy Veins
Illusion of Pain
Images of Remorse
Immunity to Critical Hits
Inanimate Object
Iron Palm
Jade Fury
Jagged Crystal Skin
Jagged Strike
Janthir's Gaze
Jaundiced Gaze
Lacerating Chop
Lava Arrows
Lich's Phylactery
Life Draining
Life Vortex
Lightning Hammer
Lightning Orb
Liquid Flame
Lyssa's Aura
Lyssa's Balance
Mantis Touch
Marauder's Shot
Mark of Death
Mark of Insecurity
Mark of Instability
Melandru's Shot
Mighty Was Vorizun
Mirrored Stance
Moebius Strike
Natural Resistance
Nightmare Weapon
Nine Tail Strike
Oath of Healing
Oppressive Gaze
Oracle Link
Order of Apostasy
Poisoned Heart
Power Flux
Power Leech
Power Return
Primal Rage
Protector's Defense
Quest Skill
Quest skill for Coastal Exam.
Quivering Blade
Rampager's Insight
Ravenous Gaze
Ray of Judgment
Reaper's Mark
Reckless Haste
Release Enchantments
Renewing Smash
Repeating Strike
Resilient Weapon
Restful Breeze
Restore Life (monster skill)
Resurrect (Gargoyle)
Resurrect (monster skill)
Resurrect Party
Reverse Hex
Ride the Lightning
Rip Enchantment
Rising Bile
Run as One
Rupture Soul
Rurik Must Live
Scepter of Orr's Aura
Scepter of Orr's Power
Scorpion Wire
Seal Regen
Searing Flames
Seed of Resurrection
Seeking Arrows
Shadow Form
Shadow Refuge
Shadow Shroud
Shadow of Haste
Shadowsong (attack)
Shadowy Burden
Shameful Fear
Shared Burden
Sharpen Daggers
Shatter Storm
Shield Guardian
Shiver Touch
Shroud of Silence
Siege Attack
Signet of Disenchantment
Signet of Disruption
Signet of Rejuvenation
Signet of Shadows
Signet of Strength
Siphon Speed
Siphon Strength
Slayer's Insight
Sorrow's Fist
Sorrow's Flame
Soul Bind
Soul Vortex
Spear of Archemorus (skill)
Spectral Agony
Spell Shield
Spirit Burn
Spirit Light
Spirit Rift
Spirit Transfer
Spirit to Flesh
Splinter Mine (skill)
Splinter Shot
Splinter Weapon
Spontaneous Combustion
Standing Slash
Statue's Blessing
Stolen Speed
Stormcaller (skill)
Stun Immunity
Stun on Critical Hit
Sun and Moon Slash
Swamp Water
Teleport Players
Temple Strike
Tiger Stance
Titans get plus Health regen and set enemies on fire each time he is hit.
Torch Degeneration Hex
Torch Enchantment
Torch Hex
Tranquil Was Tanasen
Trapper's Focus
Triple Chop
Twisting Fangs
Undead sensitivity to Light
Unnatural Signet
Unsuspecting Strike
Vampiric Spirit
Vapor Blade
Vengeful Was Khanhei
Vengeful Weapon
Verata's Promise
Vile Miasma
Viper's Defense
Visions of Regret
Vocal Minority
Wail of Doom
Wailing Weapon
Ward of Stability
Way of the Empty Palm
Way of the Fox
Way of the Lotus
Weaken Knees
Weapon of Shadow
Weapon of Warding
Well of Weariness
Whirling Axe
Withdraw Hexes
Wurm Siege
Wurm Siege (Dunes of Despair)


"Let's Get 'Em!"
"Mmmm. Snowcone!"
"You're All Alone!"
"You Will Die!"
Abaddon's Chosen
Abaddon's Conspiracy
Abaddon's Favor
Accumulated Pain
Acid Trap
Acute Weakness
Afflicted Soul Explosion
Agonizing Chop
Air of Enchantment
Ancestor's Visage
Ancestors' Rage
Anguished Was Lingwah
Animate Shambling Horror
Arcane Larceny
Archer's Signet
Arcing Shot
Armor of Unfeeling
Ash Blast
Aspect of Death
Aspect of Decay
Aspect of Depletion (energy depletion damage)
Aspect of Depletion (energy loss)
Aspect of Exhaustion
Aspect of Exposure
Aspect of Failure
Aspect of Fear
Aspect of Lethargy
Aspect of Pain
Aspect of Shadows
Aspect of Soothing
Aspect of Surrender
Aspect of Torment
Assassin's Promise
Assassin of Lyssa
Attuned Was Songkai
Aura of Light
Aura of Thorns
Aura of the Grove
Aura of the Juggernaut
Auspicious Parry
Avalanche (skill)
Balthazar's Pendulum
Balthazar's Rage
Banishing Strike
Barbarous Slice
Barbed Arrows
Base Defense
Battle Cry
Battle Fervor
Battle Scars
Bestial Fury
Bestial Mauling
Binding Chains
Bitter Chill
Black Mantis Thrust
Blades of Steel
Blessed Water
Blessing of the Kirin
Blinding Surge
Blood Drinker
Blood Flower (skill)
Blood of zu Heltzer
Bloodsong (attack)
Boon of Creation
Breath of Fire
Broad Head Arrow
Brutal Weapon
Burning Arrow
Burst of Aggression
Call of Sacrifice
Call to the Torment
Carrier Defense
Cathedral Collapse
Celestial Haste
Celestial Stance
Celestial Storm
Celestial Summoning
Channeled Strike
Chaotic Power
Chaotic Ward
Charging Strike
Chilling Winds
Clamor of Souls
Cloak of Faith
Command of Torment
Construct Possession
Corrupt Enchantment
Corrupted Breath
Corrupted Dragon Scales
Corrupted Dragon Spores
Corrupted Healing
Corrupted Roots
Corrupted Strength
Corsair's Net
Create Light of Seborhin
Crippling Dagger
Crippling Slash
Critical Chop
Critical Defenses
Critical Eye
Critical Strike
Cruel Was Daoshen
Dark Apostasy
Dark Aura (blessing)
Dark Chain Lightning
Dark Escape
Dark Prison
Death Pact Signet
Defile Enchantments
Defiled Water
Demonic Agility
Desert Wurm (disguise)
Destroy Enchantment
Disarm Trap
Discharge Enchantment
Disciple of Energy
Disciple of Fire
Disciple of Ice
Disciple of the Air
Disciple of the Earth
Disrupting Stab
Double Dragon
Dragon's Stomp
Dragon Blast
Drain Delusions
Draw Spirit
Drunken Blow
Dulled Weapon
Dust Cloak
Earth Vortex
Ebon Hawk
Echoing Banishment
Ehzah from Above
Elemental Defense Zone
Empathic Removal
Empathy (Koro)
Emperor Degen
Enchanter's Conundrum
Enchantment Collapse
Enemies Must Die!
Energy Drain (effect)
Enfeebling Touch
Enraged Lunge
Enraging Charge
Eremite's Attack
Essence Strike
Ether Phantom
Ether Prism
Exploding Spores
Explosive Growth
Exposed Underbelly
Extend Conditions
Extensive Plague Exposure
Feast for the Dead
Feeding Frenzy (skill)
Final Thrust
Fingers of Chaos
Fire Flower (skill)
Fireball (obelisk)
Flame Djinn's Haste
Flashing Blades
Flurry of Ice
Forest's Binding
Freezing Gust
Frigid Armor
From Hell
Frost Vortex
Gaze from Beyond
Ghostly Haste
Gift of Health
Glass Arrows
Glowing Gaze
Glyph of Essence
Glyph of Restoration
Golden Lotus Strike
Grenth's Fingers
Guided Weapon
Haiju Lagoon Water
Heal as One
Healer's Boon
Healer's Covenant
Healing Burst
Healing Ring
Heart of Shadow
Heaven's Delight
Hex Eater Signet
Hex Eater Vortex
Hidden Rock
Holiday Blues
Hunger's Bite
Ice Breaker
Ice Fort
Ice Skates
Imperial Majesty
Impossible Odds
Irresistible Sweep
Jagged Bones
Jaizhenju Strike
Jamei's Gaze
Judge's Intervention
Juggernaut Toss
Jungle Strike
Junundu Feast
Junundu Siege
Junundu Smash
Junundu Strike
Junundu Tunnel
Karei's Healing Circle
Kirin's Wrath
Kitah's Burden
Kournan Guardsman
Last Rites of Torment
Leaping Mantis Sting
Leave Junundu
Leviathan's Sweep
Life Drain
Life Sheath
Lifebane Strike
Light of Deliverance
Light of Seborhin
Lightning Bolt
Lion's Comfort
Lively Was Naomei
Locust's Fury
Marble Trap
Mark of Fury
Master of Magic
Meditation of the Reaper
Mega Snowball
Melee Defense Zone
Mend Body and Soul
Mending Touch
Mesmer of Lyssa
Mirage Cloak
Mirror of Disenchantment
Mirror of Ice
Mokele Smash
Monk of Dwayna
Monster doesn't get death penalty
Mystic Sweep
Mystic Twister
Necromancer of Grenth
Needling Shot
Nightmare Aspect
Nightmare Refuge
Of Royal Blood
Offering of Spirit
Order of Undeath
Overbearing Smash
Pain's Embrace
Pain (attack)
Pain of Disenchantment
Painful Bond
Palm Strike
Passage to Tahnnakai
Penetrating Chop
Persistence of Memory
Pious Assault
Pious Renewal
Poison Arrow (flower)
Poisonous Bite
Predatory Bond
Prepared Shot
Protective Was Kaolai
Psychic Distraction
Psychic Instability
Putrid Flesh
Quake Of Ahdashim
REMOVE (Wind Prayers skill)
Rage of the Ntouka
Rage of the Sea
Ranger of Melandru
Reap Impurities
Reclaim Essence
Recurring Insecurity
Recurring Scourge
Renew Life
Renewing Corruption
Renewing Surge
Resilient Was Xiko
Resurrection Chant
Revealed Enchantment
Revealed Hex
Reversal of Damage
Riposting Shadows
Ritual Lord
Ritualist of Grenth
Rocky Ground
Rough Current
Sacred Branch
Savage Pounce
Savannah Heat
Scavenger's Focus
Scorpion Aspect
Scourge Enchantment
Second Wind
Seeping Wound
Sentry Trap (skill)
Shadow Tripwire
Sheer Exhaustion
Shield of Absorption
Shield of Saint Viktor
Shielding Branches
Shielding Urn (skill)
Shivers of Dread
Shock Arrow
Shroud of Distress
Siege Attack
Siege Turtle Attack (Fort Aspenwood)
Siege Turtle Attack (Gyala Hatchery)
Siege Turtle Attack (The Eternal Grove)
Signal Flare
Signet of Creation
Signet of Illusions
Signet of Lost Souls
Signet of Malice
Signet of Rage
Signet of Sorrow
Signet of Spirits
Signet of Stamina
Signet of Suffering
Silverwing Slash
Simple Thievery
Sliver Armor
Smoldering Embers
Snow Down the Shirt
Snowball (NPC)
Song of the Mists
Soothing Memories
Soul Twisting
Spear of Light
Spiked Coral
Spirit's Gift
Spirit Bond
Spirit Boon Strike
Spirit Channeling
Spirit Light Weapon
Spirit Siphon
Spirit Walk
Spirit of the Festival
Spiritual Pain
Spoil Victor
Staggering Force
Star Burst
Star Servant
Star Shards
Star Shine
Star Strike
Stone Sheath
Stone Spores
Stone Striker
Stoneflesh Aura
Stonesoul Strike
Stop Pump
Storm's Embrace
Storm Djinn's Haste
Storm of Swords
Strength of the Oak
Strike as One
Sugar Rush (medium)
Suicidal Impulse
Suicide Energy
Suicide Health
Sulfurous Haze
Summon Torment
Sundering Attack
Supportive Spirit
Symbolic Celerity
Symbols of Inspiration
Taste of Pain
Teinai's Crystals
Teinai's Heat
Teinai's Prison
Teinai's Wind
The Chalice of Corruption
The Elixir of Strength
Torment Slash
Trade Winds
Trapper's Speed
Turbulent Flow
Turret Arrow
Turtle Shell
Twin Moon Sweep
Twisted Spikes
Ulcerous Lungs
Unlock Cell
Unnatural Resistance
Unseen Fury
Unsteady Ground
Urn of Saint Viktor (skill)
Vampiric Bite
Vampiric Swarm
Vial of Purified Water
Victorious Sweep
Viper's Nest
Vital Weapon
Wallow's Bite
Wanderlust (attack)
Warrior's Might
Warrior of Balthazar
Wastrel's Demise
Watchful Healing
Wave of Torment
Way of Perfection
Weapon of Quickening
Web of Disruption
Well of Darkness
Wielder's Boon
Wild Strike
Word of Censure
Words of Comfort
Yellow Snow
Yeti Smash
Zojun's Haste
Zojun's Shot


"Brace Yourself!"
"Can't Touch This!"
"Fall Back!"
"Find Their Weakness!"
"Forge the Way!"
"Go for the Eyes!"
"Help Me!"
"It's Just a Flesh Wound."
"Lead the Way!"
"Make Haste!"
"Make Your Time!"
"Never Give Up!"
"Never Surrender!"
"Save Yourselves!"
"Stand Your Ground!"
"The Power Is Yours!"
"They're on Fire!"
"To the Pain!" (Hero Battles)
"We Shall Return!"
Accelerated Growth
Aggressive Refrain
Air of Disenchantment
Altar Buff
Angelic Bond
Angelic Protection
Anguish (attack)
Anguish Hunt
Anthem of Aggression
Anthem of Envy
Anthem of Flame
Anthem of Fury
Anthem of Guidance
Approaching the Vortex
Arcane Zeal
Aria of Restoration
Aria of Zeal
Armor of Sanctity
Assassin's Remedy
Assault Enchantments
Attacker's Insight
Augury of Death
Aura of Holy Might
Aura of the Staff of the Mists
Avatar of Balthazar
Avatar of Dwayna
Avatar of Dwayna (snow fighting skill)
Avatar of Grenth
Avatar of Grenth (snow fighting skill)
Avatar of Holiday Cheer
Avatar of Lyssa
Avatar of Melandru
Avatar of Sweetness
Ballad of Restoration
Banish Enchantment
Barbed Spear
Base Protection
Battle Cry
Beetle Metamorphosis
Birthday Cupcake (skill)
Black Spider Strike
Bladeturn Refrain
Blazing Finale
Blazing Spear
Blessing of the Luxons
Blinding Breath
Bonds of Torment
Burning Breath
Burning Refrain
Capture Point
Caretaker's Charge
Cautery Signet
Charm Animal (White Mantle)
Charr Siege Attack (Against the Charr)
Charr Siege Attack (What Must Be Done)
Chilling Victory
Choking Breath
Chorus of Restoration
Claim Resource (Heroes' Ascent)
Consume Torment
Corrupt Power
Corrupted Lands
Corsair (disguise)
Corsair Bounty
Cower in Fear
Crippling Anthem
Crippling Sweep
Cruel Spear
Curse of Silence
Curse of the Staff of the Mists
Deadly Haste
Death's Retreat
Defender's Zeal
Defensive Anthem
Demon Hunt
Demonic Miasma
Depths of Madness (environment effect)
Dervish of the Blade
Dervish of the Earth
Dervish of the Mystic
Dervish of the Wind
Destructive Was Glaive
Dhuum Battle
Dismiss Condition
Disrupting Accuracy
Disrupting Throw
Distracting Lunge
Divert Hexes
Drake Skin
Dreadful Pain
Dwayna's Touch
Earth Shattering Blow
Earthen Shackles
Ebon Dust Aura
Edge of Reason
Elemental Flame
Elemental Hunt
Elemental Lord
Enchanted Haste
Enduring Harmony
Enduring Torment
Energizing Chorus
Energizing Finale
Energy Shrine Bonus
Eremite's Zeal
Eternal Languor
Eternal Lethargy
Eternal Suffering
Ether Nightmare
Expert's Dexterity
Extend Enchantments
Faithful Intervention
Falling Lotus Strike
Featherfoot Grace
Feigned Neutrality
Finale of Restoration
Fire Dart
Flame Call
Fleeting Stability
Focused Anger
Forked Arrow
Fox's Promise
Frenzied Defense
Gaze of Fury
Gaze of Fury (attack)
Gaze of Moa'vu'Kaal
Ghostmirror Light
Giant Hunt
Glimmer of Light
Glowing Signet
Golden Egg (skill)
Golden Fang Strike
Golden Fox Strike
Golden Skull Strike
Grenth's Grasp
Guiding Hands
Hard Mode NPC Buff
Hard mode
Harden Shell
Harrier's Grasp
Harrier's Haste
Harrier's Toss
Heart of Fury
Heart of Holy Flame
Heket's Rampage
Heket Hunt
Hexbreaker Aria
Hidden Caltrops
Holy Haste
Ice Dart
Imbue Health
Infernal Rage
Infuriating Heat
Insect Hunt
Intimidating Aura
Intimidating Aura (beta version)
Invoke Lightning
Jack Frost
Jadoth's Storm of Judgment
Junundu Bite
Junundu Tunnel (monster skill)
Junundu Wail
Keen Arrow
Kournan Bounty
Kournan Siege
Kournan Siege Flame
Leader's Comfort
Leader's Zeal
Lift Enchantment
Lightbringer's Gaze
Lightbringer's Insight
Lightbringer Signet
Lose your Head
Lotus Strike
Lucky Aura
Lunar Blessing
Lyric of Purification
Lyric of Zeal
Lyssa's Assault
Lyssa's Haste
Maddened Stance
Maddened Strike
Madness Dart
Magebane Shot
Magehunter's Smash
Magehunter Strike
Malicious Strike
Mandragor Hunt
Margonite Battle
Mending Refrain
Mending Shrine Bonus
Menzies Battle
Merciless Spear
Mighty Throw
Mind Blast
Minotaur Hunt
Monolith Hunt
Monster Hunt
Mystic Corruption
Mystic Healing
Mystic Regeneration
Mystic Sandstorm
Mystic Vigor
Natural Healing
Natural Stride
Natural Temper
Nature's Speed
Northern Health Shrine Bonus
Pahnai Salad (item effect)
Paragon of Command
Paragon of Leadership
Paragon of Motivation
Paragon of the Spear
Pensive Guardian
Pig Form
Pious Concentration
Pious Haste
Pious Restoration
Plant Hunt
Poison Dart
Power Lock
Power of the Staff of the Mists
Presence of the Skale Lord
Price of Pride
Purifying Finale
Putrid Flames
Queen Armor
Queen Bite
Queen Heal
Queen Siege
Queen Thump
Queen Wail
REMOVE (Leadership skill)
Rampage as One
Reaper's Sweep
Reform Carvings
Remedy Signet
Rending Aura
Rending Sweep
Rending Touch
Renewing Memories
Repressive Energy
Rise From Your Grave!
Roaring Winds
Rollerbeetle Blast
Rollerbeetle Dash
Rollerbeetle Echo
Rollerbeetle Racer
Rudi's Red Nose
Sadist's Signet
Sand Shards
Scepter of Ether
Screaming Shot
Scribe's Insight
Selfless Spirit
Shadow Meld
Shadow Prison
Shadow Sanctuary
Shadow Smash
Shadow Walk
Shattering Assault
Shroud of Ash
Shroud of Darkness
Side Step
Siege Attack (Bombardment)
Sight Beyond Sight
Signet of Aggression
Signet of Binding
Signet of Clumsiness
Signet of Corruption
Signet of Distraction
Signet of Ghostly Might
Signet of Mystic Wrath
Signet of Pious Light
Signet of Recall
Signet of Removal
Signet of Return
Signet of Synergy
Signet of Toxic Shock
Signet of Twilight
Skale Hunt
Skale Vigor
Skin of Stone
Skree Battle
Slayer's Spear
Smoke Trap
Soldier's Defense
Soldier's Fury
Soldier's Stance
Soldier's Strike
Song of Concentration
Song of Power
Song of Purification
Song of Restoration
Soul Torture
Southern Health Shrine Bonus
Spear of Fury
Spear of Lightning
Spirit's Strength
Spirit Form (Remains of Sahlahja)
Spiritual Possession
Spit Rocks
Steady Aim
Steady Stance
Steelfang Slash
Stunning Strike
Sugar Jolt (long)
Sugar Jolt (short)
Sugar Rush (long)
Sugar Rush (short)
Sum of All Fears
Summoning Shadows
Summoning of the Scepter
Sunspear Battle Call
Sunspear Rebirth Signet
Sunspear Siege
Super Rollerbeetle
Swift Javelin
Symbolic Posture
Test Buff
Test of Faith
The Apocrypha is changing to another form!
Thirst of the Drought
Titan Hunt
Torment Slash (Smothering Tendrils)
Torturer's Inferno
Torturous Embers
Touch of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh
Toxic Chill
Triple Shot
Unblockable Throw
Undead Hunt
Unknown Junundu Ability
Unyielding Anguish
Vampiric Assault
Veil of Thorns
Veiled Nightmare
Vicious Attack
Vital Boon
Vocal Was Sogolon
Volatile Charr Crystal
Vow of Piety
Vow of Silence
Vow of Strength
Wandering Mind
Warmonger's Weapon
Waste Not, Want Not
Wastrel's Collapse
Watchful Intervention
Way of the Assassin
Way of the Mantis
Weapon of Fury
Weapon of Mastery
Weapon of Remedy
Wearying Spear
Wearying Strike
Well of Silence
Whirling Charge
Whirling Fires
Wielder's Remedy
Wielder's Strike
Wielder's Zeal
Wild Smash
Wild Throw
Winds of Disenchantment
Winter's Embrace
Withering Aura
Words of Madness
Words of Madness (Qwytzylkak)
Wounding Strike
Xinrae's Weapon
Zealous Anthem
Zealous Benediction
Zealous Renewal
Zealous Vow


"By Ural's Hammer!"
"Dodge This!"
"Don't Trip!"
"Finish Him!"
"I Am Unstoppable!"
"I Am the Strongest!"
"I Meant to Do That!"
"Save Yourselves!"
"There's Nothing to Fear!"
"You Are All Weaklings!"
"You Move Like a Dwarf!"
A Touch of Guile
A pool of water.
Air of Superiority
Alkar's Alchemical Acid
Alkar's Concoction
Aloe Seed Form
Angorodon's Gaze
Anguish Hunt
Animate Undead
Anthem of Disruption
Anthem of Weariness
Aspect of Oak
Asuran Bodyguard
Asuran Flame Staff
Asuran Scan
Aura Slicer
Aura of Holy Might
Aura of Stability
Aura of the Bloodstone
Aura of the Great Destroyer
Avalanche (effect)
Bear Form
Black Powder Mine
Blood Rage
Bloodstone Slash
Body Blow
Body Shot
Bone Dragon Form
Boss Bounty
Brawling Block
Brawling Combo Punch
Brawling Headbutt
Brawling Headbutt (Brawling skill)
Brawling Hook
Brawling Jab
Brawling Straight Right
Brawling Uppercut
Breath of the Great Dwarf
Burning Ground
Burning Immunity
Burning Shield
Calculated Risk
Call of Destruction
Call of the Eye
Castigation Signet
Ceiling Collapse
Chaotic Energy
Charging Spirit
Charm Animal (Ashlyn Spiderfriend)
Charr Flame Keeper Form
Charr Shaman Form
Charr Siege Attack (Assault on the Stronghold)
Chest Thumper
Club of a Thousand Bears
Confusing Images
Consume Flames
Cracked Armor
Crippling Victory
Critical Agility
Cry of Pain
Crystal Shield
Crystal Snare
Cure Hex
Decipher Inscriptions
Defile Defenses
Deft Strike
Desperate Howl
Destroy the Humans!
Dhuum Battle
Diamondshard Grave
Diamondshard Mist
Diamondshard Mist (environment effect)
Disrupting Shot
Distracting Strike
Dolyak Rider Form
Dormant Husk
Drain Minion
Drunken Master
Dryder's Feast
Dwarven Arcanist Form
Dwarven Raider
Dwarven Stability
Ear Bite
Earth Elemental Form
Ebon Battle Standard of Courage
Ebon Battle Standard of Honor
Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom
Ebon Escape
Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support
Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support
Elemental Hunt
Elemental Lord
Elemental Shift
Energetic Was Lee Sa
Energy Blast
Energy Blast (golem)
Energy Channel
Enraged Blast
Eternal Aura
Ether Nightmare
Expert Focus
Explosive Force
Extract Inscription
False Death
Farmer's Scythe
Feeding Frenzy
Feel No Pain
Feral Aggression
Filthy Explosion
Fire Elemental Form
Fire Imp Form
Fire Jet
Fire Spout
Firebomb Explosion
Flame Jet
Fleshreaver's Escape
Flux Overload
Foul Feast
Freezing Ground
Fungal Explosion
Gaki Form
Gargoyle Form
Gelatinous Absorption
Gelatinous Corpse Consumption
Gelatinous Material Explosion
Gelatinous Mutation
Ghostly Weapon
Glowing Ice
Glyph of Immolation
Glyph of Swiftness
Golem Fire Shield
Golem Shrapnel
Golem Strike
Great Dwarf's Blessing
Great Dwarf Armor
Great Dwarf Weapon
Greater Hard Mode NPC Buff
Grenth's Aura
Ground Cover
Hasty Refrain
Haunted Ground
Healing Ribbon
Healing Salve
Heart of the Norn
Hexer's Vigor
Holy Spear
Hunt Point Bonus
Hunt Rampage
Ice Elemental Form
Ice Imp Form
Ice Jet
Ice Spout
Inner Fire
Inscribed Ettin Aura
Inspirational Speech
Kappa Form
Keen Chop
Knee Cutter
Krak's Charge
Lava Blast
Lava Ground
Lava Pool
Lava Wave
Light of Deldrimor
Long Claws
Low Blow
Magnetic Surge
Maiming Spear
Mandragor's Charge
Mantis Dreamweaver Form
Margonite Battle
Marked For Death
Master of Necromancy
Mending Grip
Mental Block
Menzies Battle
Mergoyle Form
Mirage Iboga Form
Monkey See, Monkey Do
Monolith Hunt
Monster Hunt
Murakai's Calamity
Murakai's Call
Murakai's Censure
Murakai's Consumption
Murakai's Storm of Souls
Mursaat Elementalist Form
Naga Shaman Form
Never Rampage Alone
Norn Hunting Party
Ooze Combination
Ooze Division
Order of Unholy Vigor
Order of the Lich
Pain Inverter
Paranoid Indignation
Parasitic Bite
Patient Spirit
Phase Shield (effect)
Phase Shield (monster skill)
Piercing Trap
Pious Fury
Poison Ground
Poison Jet
Poison Spout
Poison Tip Signet
Polymock Backfire
Polymock Bane Signet
Polymock Banish
Polymock Block
Polymock Calculated Risk
Polymock Deathly Chill
Polymock Diversion
Polymock Earthquake
Polymock Eruption
Polymock Ether Signet
Polymock Fireball
Polymock Flare
Polymock Frozen Armor
Polymock Frozen Trident
Polymock Glowing Gaze
Polymock Glyph Destabilization
Polymock Glyph Freeze
Polymock Glyph of Concentration
Polymock Glyph of Power
Polymock Guilt
Polymock Ice Shard Storm
Polymock Ice Spear
Polymock Icy Bonds
Polymock Icy Prison
Polymock Immolate
Polymock Lamentation
Polymock Lightning Blast
Polymock Lightning Djinn's Haste
Polymock Lightning Orb
Polymock Lightning Strike
Polymock Meteor
Polymock Migraine
Polymock Mind Blast
Polymock Mind Freeze
Polymock Mind Shock
Polymock Mind Wreck
Polymock Obsidian Flame
Polymock Overload
Polymock Painful Bond
Polymock Piercing Light Spear
Polymock Poisoned Ground
Polymock Power Drain
Polymock Recurring Insecurity
Polymock Rising Bile
Polymock Rodgort's Invocation
Polymock Rotting Flesh
Polymock Sandstorm
Polymock Savannah Heat
Polymock Searing Flames
Polymock Shock Arrow
Polymock Signet of Clumsiness
Polymock Signet of Revenge
Polymock Signet of Smiting
Polymock Smite
Polymock Smite Hex
Polymock Spirit Rift
Polymock Stone Daggers
Polymock Stoning
Powder Keg Explosion
Pulverizing Smash
Pure Was Li Ming
Purifying Veil
Putrid Bile
Pyroclastic Shot
Radiant Scythe
Radiation Field
Rapid Fire
Raven Blessing
Raven Blessing (A Gate Too Far)
Raven Flight
Raven Flight (A Gate Too Far)
Raven Shriek
Raven Shriek (A Gate Too Far)
Raven Swoop
Raven Swoop (A Gate Too Far)
Raven Talons
Raven Talons (A Gate Too Far)
Rebel Yell
Rock Slide
Rolling Shift
Ruby Djinn Form
Searing Breath
Seed of Life
Selfless Spirit
Shadow Fang
Shadow Sanctuary
Shattered Spirit
Shell Shock
Shield of Fire
Shield of Force
Shrinking Armor
Signet of Corruption
Signet of Deadly Corruption
Signet of Infection
Signet of Mystic Speed
Signet of Pious Restraint
Skale Form
Skeletal Mage Form
Slippery Ground
Sloth Hunter's Shot
Smite Condition
Smiter's Boon
Smoke Powder Defense
Smoke Wraith Form
Smooth Criminal
Snaring Web
Sneak Attack
Snow Storm
Soldier's Speed
Spawn Hatchling
Spawn Pods
Spear Swipe
Spear of Fury
Spear of Redemption
Spirit Roar
Spirit Senses
Spirit Shield
Spirit World Retreat
Spiritleech Aura
Spore Explosion
Spotless Mind
Spotless Soul
Stone Rain Form
Strength of the Norn
Summon Ice Imp
Summon Mursaat
Summon Naga Shaman
Summon Ruby Djinn
Summon Spirits
Summoning Lord
Sundering Soulcrush
Sundering Weapon
Sweeping Strikes
Symbolic Strike
Temporal Sheen
Tengu's Mimicry
The Way of Duty
The Way of Kinship
The Way of Strength
Thunderfist Strike
Time Attack
Titan Form
Titan Hunt
Totem of Man
Trampling Ox
Triple Shot
Tryptophan Signet
Twisting Jaws
Unseen Aggression
Unstable Aura
Unstable Ooze Explosion
Unstable Pulse
Ursan Aura
Ursan Blessing
Ursan Force
Ursan Force (Blood Washes Blood)
Ursan Rage
Ursan Rage (Blood Washes Blood)
Ursan Roar
Ursan Roar (Blood Washes Blood)
Ursan Strike
Ursan Strike (Blood Washes Blood)
Vampirism (attack)
Vanguard Commendation
Vanguard Patrol
Vitality Transfer
Volfen Agility
Volfen Agility (Curse of the Nornbear)
Volfen Blessing
Volfen Blessing (Curse of the Nornbear)
Volfen Bloodlust
Volfen Bloodlust (Curse of the Nornbear)
Volfen Claw
Volfen Claw (Curse of the Nornbear)
Volfen Pounce
Volfen Pounce (Curse of the Nornbear)
Wandering Eye
Ward of Weakness
Way of the Master
Weakness Trap
Weapon of Aggression
Weapon of Renewal
Well of Ruin
Whirlwind Attack
Wind Rider Form
Wurm Bile
Zealous Sweep


"For Elona!"
"For Great Justice!" (PvP)
"Form Up and Advance!"
"Incoming!" (PvP)
"It's Good to Be King!"
"Never Surrender!" (PvP)
"Victory is Ours!"
"Watch Yourself!" (PvP)
Abyssal Form
Aegis (PvP)
Aidan (Costume Brawl disguise)
Amulet of Protection
Ancestors' Rage (PvP)
Animate Candy Minions
Animate Undead (Palawa Joko)
Anthem of Purity
Anthem of Weariness
Anton (Costume Brawl disguise)
Archer Form
Argo (Costume Brawl disguise)
Armor of Salvation (item effect)
Assassin's Remedy (PvP)
Asura Form
Aura of Purity
Avatar of Balthazar Form
Avatar of Grenth (PvP)
Awakened Head Form
Ballad of Restoration (PvP)
Balm Bomb
Bamph Lifesteal
Banner of the Unseen
Barbed Bomb
Battle Fervor (Deactivating R.O.X.)
Bit Golem Breaker
Bit Golem Crash
Bit Golem Force
Bit Golem Rectifier
Black Moa Chick Form
Black Moa Form
Blinding Surge (PvP)
Blue Rock Candy Rush
Bone Dragon Form
Boss Bounty
Brown Rabbit Form
Burning Arrow
Call of Haste (PvP)
Call to the Spirit Realm
Candy Apple (skill)
Candy Corn (skill)
Candy Corn Strike
Castigation Signet (Saul D'Alessio)
Champion of Balthazar Form
Chaotic Power (Deactivating R.O.X.)
Chaotic Soul Explosion
Charm Animal (Charr Demolisher)
Charm Animal (monster)
Charr Form
Chilling Victory (PvP)
Cloak of Faith (Deactivating R.O.X.)
Combat Costume
Corrupted Haiju Lagoon Water
Courageous Was Saidra
Courier's Haste
Create Spore
Crippling Slash
Cry of Madness
Crystal Guardian Form
Crystal Spider Form
Cynn (Costume Brawl disguise)
Dark Aura (Deactivating R.O.X.)
Dark Soul Explosion
Death Pact Signet (PvP)
Defensive Anthem (PvP)
Delayed Blast BAMPH!
Devona (Costume Brawl disguise)
Devourer Bite
Devourer Siege
Discord (PvP)
Disenchantment (Togo)
Dismount Siege Devourer
Distortion (Gwen)
Dog Form
Dragon Empire Rage
Dragon Form
Dragon Slash (Turai Ossa)
Duncan's Defense
Dwarven Raider
Eastern Health Shrine Bonus
Energy Drain (PvP)
Energy Tap (PvP)
Enfeeble (PvP)
Enfeebling Blood (PvP)
Enraged Smash (PvP)
Enraging Charge
Eremite's Attack (PvP)
Erys Vasburg (Costume Brawl disguise)
Essence Strike (Togo)
Essence of Celerity (item effect)
Ether Renewal (PvP)
Ethereal Soul Explosion
Expert's Dexterity (PvP)
Eye of Janthir Form
Falken's Fire Fist
Falken Quick
Falling Lotus Strike
Feast of Vengeance
Feign Death
Fiery Soul Explosion
Fire Dart
Fire and Brimstone
Fix Monster Attributes
Flame Djinn's Haste
Flesh of My Flesh (PvP)
Footman Form
Forgewight's Blessing
Fragility (PvP)
Ghostly Hero Form
Giant Stomp (Turai Ossa)
Glowing Gaze
Golem Boosters
Golem Form
Grail of Might (item effect)
Great Dwarf's Blessing
Green Rock Candy Rush
Grentch Form
Guild Lord Form
Gunther's Gaze
Gwen (disguise)
Gwen Doll Form
Hard Mode Dungeon Boss
Harrier's Toss (PvP)
Hayda (Costume Brawl disguise)
Hellhound Form
Hidden Talent
Horse Form
Hunt Point Bonus
Hunt Rampage
Internal Power Engaged
Inverse Ninja Law
Invigorating Mist
Jade Brotherhood Bomb
Jade Brotherhood Disguise
Journey to the North
Junundu Siege
Kahmu (Costume Brawl disguise)
Light of Deliverance (PvP)
Lightning Orb (PvP)
Liquid Flame
Lit Torch
Livia (Costume Brawl disguise)
Lukas (Costume Brawl disguise)
Mad King's Fan
Mad King's Influence
Mad King Pony Support
Maddening Laughter
Mantra of Inscriptions (PvP)
Massive Damage
Meek Shall Inherit
Melonni (Costume Brawl disguise)
Mend Body and Soul (Togo)
Mhenlo (Costume Brawl disguise)
Mind Freeze (PvP)
Mind Shock (PvP)
Mind Wrack (PvP)
Minion Apocalypse
Mist Form (PvP)
Moa Bird Form
Monkey Form
Morgahn (Costume Brawl disguise)
Motivating Insults
Mursaat Form
Mystic Regeneration (PvP)
Mystic Sweep (PvP)
N.O.X. Beam
N.O.X. Divider Drive
N.O.X. Driver
N.O.X. Field Dash
N.O.X. Fire
N.O.X. Knuckle
N.O.X. Lock On
N.O.X. Phantom
N.O.X. Thunder
N.O.X.ion Buster
Natural Stride
Nightmarish Aura
Nika (Costume Brawl disguise)
Norn Form
Norn Hunting Party
Oath of Protection
Obsidian Flame (PvP)
Offering of Spirit (Togo)
Olias (Costume Brawl disguise)
Ooze Form
Order of Unholy Vigor (Palawa Joko)
Order of the Lich (Palawa Joko)
Oversized Tonic Warning
Ox Form
Party Time!
Penetrating Attack (PvP)
Pie Induced Ecstasy
Pious Fury
Plague Spring
Priest of Balthazar Form
Purify Energy
Purify Soul
Purifying Flame
Purifying Prayer
PvP (effect)
Quickening Terrain
Rabbit Form
Rain of Terror (spell)
Rainbow Phoenix Form
Rand's Attack
Rat Form
Razah (Costume Brawl disguise)
Reactor Blast
Reactor Blast Timer
Read the Wind (PvP)
Reaper's Mark
Red Rock Candy Rush
Redemption of Purity
Rejuvenating Soul Explosion
Reverse Polarity Fire Shield
Ride the Lightning (PvP)
Rift Warden Form
Ritual Lord (PvP)
Rocket-Propelled Gobstopper
Rooster Form
Saltspray Dragon Form
Saul D'Alessio (disguise)
Scourge of Candy
Seaguard Hala (Costume Brawl disguise)
Searing Flames
Seed of Resurrection
Seer Form
Selvetarm's Attack
Selvetarm's Blessing
Shadow Form (PvP)
Shadowy Soul Explosion
Shared Burden (Gwen)
Sheep Form
Shrine Backlash
Siege Devourer
Siege Devourer Feast
Siege Devourer Swipe
Siege Strike
Siege Turtle Attack (summon)
Signet of Ghostly Might (PvP)
Signet of Judgment (PvP)
Signet of Lost Souls
Signet of Spirits (PvP)
Signet of the Unseen
Sinister Golem Form
Sloth Hunter's Shot (PvP)
Smite Condition
Smiter's Boon (PvP)
Snake Form
Snowman Form
Song of Restoration (PvP)
Soulrending Shriek
Spectral Agony (Saul D'Alessio)
Spider Form
Spike Trap (spell)
Spirit Bond (PvP)
Spirit Burn (Togo)
Spirit Rift (Togo)
Splinter Weapon (PvP)
Spring of Purity
Stone Dwarf Transformation
Strength of Honor (PvP)
Strength of Purity
Strength of the Norn
Strength of the Oak (Deactivating R.O.X.)
Stun Bomb
Sugar Infusion
Sum of All Fears (Gwen)
Summoning Sickness
Sun and Moon Slash
Sundering Attack (PvP)
Swarm of Bees Form
Tahlkora (Costume Brawl disguise)
Target Acquisition
Taste of Undeath
Tengu's Gaze
The Black Beast of Arrgh Form
The Master's Mark
The Sniper's Spear
Thommis's Attack
Thommis's Blessing
Throw Rock
Tiger Form
Tiger Stance
Time Attack
Togo (disguise)
Tongue Lash
Tongue Whip
Turai Ossa (disguise)
Unbalancing Soul Explosion
Unnatural Signet (Saul D'Alessio)
Unyielding Aura (PvP)
Vanguard Commendation
Vanguard Patrol
Veteran Asuran Bodyguard
Veteran Dwarven Raider
Veteran Norn Hunting Party
Veteran Vanguard Patrol
Ward Against Harm (PvP)
Ward Against Melee (PvP)
Way of the Pure
Weapon of Warding (PvP)
Western Health Shrine Bonus
Whirlwind Attack (Turai Ossa)
White Moa Form
White Rabbit Form
Wurm Siege (Eye of the North)
Xandra (Costume Brawl disguise)
Xinrae's Revenge
Yeti Form
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Grog
Zho (Costume Brawl disguise)


"Brace Yourself!" (PvP)
"Can't Touch This!" (PvP)
"Fall Back!" (PvP)
"Find Their Weakness!" (PvP)
"Find Their Weakness!" (Thackeray)
"Go for the Eyes!" (PvP)
"Help Me!" (PvP)
"I'll Be Back!"
"Never Give Up!" (PvP)
"Stand Your Ground!" (PvP)
"Tango Down!"
"There's Nothing to Fear!" (Thackeray)
"There's not enough time!!"
"Together as One!"
"We Shall Return!" (PvP)
Accumulated Pain (PvP)
Acolyte Jin Form
Acolyte Sousuke Form
Agent of the Mad King
Agony (PvP)
All In
Amateur Hour
Anguish (PvP)
Annihilator Bash
Annihilator Beam
Annihilator Knuckle
Annihilator Strike
Annihilator Toss
Anthem of Disruption (PvP)
Anthem of Envy (PvP)
Anton Form
Armor of Unfeeling (PvP)
Aura of Restoration (PvP)
Aura of Thorns (PvP)
Avatar of Dwayna (PvP)
Avatar of Melandru (PvP)
Banishing Strike (PvP)
Barbed Signet (PvP)
Bladeturn Refrain (PvP)
Blazing Finale (PvP)
Bloodsong (PvP)
Bone Spike
Calculated Risk (PvP)
Chain Combo
Charm Animal
Charm Animal (Codex)
Charm Drake
Club Strike
Comfort Animal (PvP)
Conviction (PvP)
Crippling Anguish (PvP)
Curse of Dhuum
Damage Assessment
Death's Embrace
Death Blossom (PvP)
Defy Pain (PvP)
Destroyer Form
Destruction (PvP)
Destructive Was Glaive (PvP)
Dhuum's Rest
Dhuum's Rest (Reaper skill)
Dhuum (skill)
Disenchantment (PvP)
Displacement (PvP)
Dissonance (PvP)
Drunken Stumbling
Dunham (Costume Brawl disguise)
Dunkoro Form
Dust Cloak (PvP)
Earthbind (PvP)
Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support (NPC)
Ebon Vanguard Battle Standard of Power
Egil Fireteller (Costume Brawl disguise)
Elemental Flame (PvP)
Elementalist Aziure (Costume Brawl disguise)
Elite Regeneration
Empathy (PvP)
Empowerment (PvP)
Encase Skeletal
Enchanter's Conundrum (PvP)
Enraged Lunge (PvP)
Escape (PvP)
Eve (Costume Brawl disguise)
Everlasting Legionnaire Tonic
Everlasting Mobstopper (skill)
Falken Punch
Fevered Dreams (PvP)
Finale of Restoration (PvP)
Flame Sentinel Form
Flurry of Splinters
Fox Fangs (PvP)
Fragmentation Grenade
Frustration (PvP)
G.O.L.E.M. (disguise)
Gaze of Fury (PvP)
Gehraz (Costume Brawl disguise)
Ghostly Fury
Ghostly Fury (Reaper skill)
Ghostly Priest Form
Gift of Battle
Glass Arrows (PvP)
Going Commando
Golem Pilebunker
Goren Form
Gravestone Marker
Guiding Hands (PvP)
Guild Monument Protected
Gwen (Costume Brawl disguise)
Gwen Form
Hayda Form
Headmaster Quin (Costume Brawl disguise)
Heal Party (PvP)
Heal as One (PvP)
Heart of Fury (PvP)
Henchman Form
Heroic Refrain
Illusion of Haste (PvP)
Illusion of Pain (PvP)
Illusionary Weaponry (PvP)
Impending Dhuum
Irresistible Sweep (PvP)
Isaiah's Balance
Jack of All Trades
Jamei (Costume Brawl disguise)
Jora (Costume Brawl disguise)
Jora Form
Judgment Strike
Judgment of Dhuum
Kahmu Form
Keen Arrow (PvP)
Keiran's Sniper Shot
Keiran's Sniper Shot (Hearts of the North)
Keiran Thackeray (disguise)
Keiran Thackeray Form
Knight Form
Kormir (Costume Brawl disguise)
Koro's Gaze
Koss Form
Kuunavang Form
Land Mine
Lawrence Crafton (Costume Brawl disguise)
Lesser Flame Sentinel Resistance
Lesser Hard Mode NPC Buff
Lieutenant Thackeray (Costume Brawl disguise)
Life (PvP)
Lightning Hammer (PvP)
Lightning Reflexes (PvP)
Like a Boss
Livia Form
Lone Wolf
Loose Magic
Lyssa's Haste (PvP)
M.O.X. Form
Mantra of Resolve (PvP)
Mantra of Signets (PvP)
Margonite Form
Margrid the Sly (Costume Brawl disguise)
Margrid the Sly Form
Masochism (PvP)
Master Togo (Costume Brawl disguise)
Master of Whispers Form
Melandru's Assault (PvP)
Melonni Form
Mending Refrain (PvP)
Migraine (PvP)
Miku Form
Mirror of Disenchantment (PvP)
Mistrust (PvP)
Morgahn Form
Mystic Healing (PvP)
Nature's Blessing
Norgu Form
Oath of Protection
Odran's Razor
Ogden Form
Olias Form
Onslaught (PvP)
Over the Limit
Pain (PvP)
Pain (attack) (Signet of Spirits)
Pain (attack) (Togo)
Palawa Joko (Costume Brawl disguise)
Parting Gift
Party Mode
Phase Shield
Phased Plasma Burst
Pious Assault (PvP)
Pious Fury (PvP)
Plasma Shot
Predatory Bond (PvP)
Preservation (PvP)
Prince Rurik Form
Promise of Death
Psychic Instability (PvP)
Pyre Fierceshot Form
Queen Salma Form
Rain of Arrows
Razah Form
Reactor Burst
Reaping of Dhuum
Recovery (PvP)
Recuperation (PvP)
Reindeer Form
Rejuvenation (PvP)
Relentless Assault
Renewing Smash (PvP)
Restoration (PvP)
Reversal of Death
Riot Shield
Rolling Start
Sacrifice Pawn
Saul D'Alessio (Costume Brawl disguise)
Savannah Heat (PvP)
Seven Weapons Stance
Shadow Theft
Shadowsong (Master Riyo)
Shadowsong (PvP)
Shared Burden (PvP)
Shatter Delusions (PvP)
Shelter (PvP)
Shiro Tagachi (Costume Brawl disguise)
Shiro Tagachi Form
Shroud of Distress (PvP)
Signet of Agony (PvP)
Signet of Clumsiness (PvP)
Signet of Creation (PvP)
Signet of Deadly Corruption (PvP)
Signet of Pious Restraint (PvP)
Signet of Return (PvP)
Sky Net
Slightly Mad King Thorn Form
Slippery Ground (PvP)
Smash of the Titans
Soldier's Stance (PvP)
Soothing (PvP)
Soul Taker
Spectral Infusion
Spirit Form (disguise)
Spirit Siphon (Master Riyo)
Spiritual Healing
Spiritual Healing (Reaper skill)
Spiritual Pain (PvP)
Spoil Victor (PvP)
Sticky Ground
Stolen Speed (PvP)
Strong Natural Resistance
Stun Grenade
Sugar Rush (Agent of the Mad King)
Sugar Shock
Summon Champion
Summon Minions
Survivor's Will
Tahlkora Form
Tear Gas
Terminal Velocity
The Boss
The Mad King's Influence
There Can Be Only One
Time Ward
Tonic Tipsiness
Toriimo's Burning Fury
Touch of Dhuum
Turai Ossa (Costume Brawl disguise)
Twin Moon Sweep (PvP)
Ultra Snowball
Unholy Feast (PvP)
Union (PvP)
Unnatural Signet (PvP)
Unseen Fury (PvP)
Unyielding Spirit
Vanguard Initiate
Varesh Ossa (Costume Brawl disguise)
Vekk Form
Venom Fang
Visions of Regret (PvP)
Vow of Revolution
Wandering Eye (PvP)
Wanderlust (PvP)
Warrior's Endurance (PvP)
Wastrel's Demise (PvP)
Weakened by Dhuum
Weapons of Three Forges
Web of Disruption (PvP)
Weight of Dhuum
Weight of Dhuum (hex)
Wild Strike (PvP)
Withering Blade
Wounding Strike (PvP)
Xandra Form
Zenmai Form
Zhed Shadowhoof Form

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