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Skill. BAMPH!

Skill. BAMPH!

Concise description
Skill. BAMPH!


  • This is an ArenaNet developer skill used in testing. It is not a usable skill on the live servers.
  • The skill icon is that of a generic skill's with "D3v H@X" (Dev Hax) and "RiP Troggy" superimposed on it.
  • BAMPH! does 999 damage when it targets a foe. If it targets self it gives a speed boost, extra health and energy regeneration and you can't be slowed down (source: Izzy talk).
  • There are several variations of this skill such as a lite version and delayed version.
  • See BAMPH! in action in this IGN demo of EotN at around 4:20 and 7:40.

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  • "RIP Troggy" refers to Trogdor, who used to be the icon for this skill.
  • The name likely refers to "BAMF", which stands for "Bad-Ass Mother Fucker."