Polymock Savannah Heat

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Polymock Savannah Heat

ID unset
  • 6 Energy
  • 1 Activation
  • 20 Recharge
Polymock skill
Eye of the North

Spell. You create Savannah Heat at target foe's location. For 5 seconds, that foe takes 100 damage each second and an additional 50 damage for each second this spell has been in effect.

Concise description

Spell. Deals 100 damage each second (5 seconds) at target foe's location. Deals 50 more damage for each second since casting this spell.


This skill is available in the following Polymock forms:


Bug Bug.This skill has a bug that will occasionally cause it to continue damaging your character after your opponent's piece dies, possibly killing your piece and resulting in a draw.
  • This skill will damage your character if your piece dies during its duration, possibly resulting in a death- survivors should be careful.

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