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Recharge time is the minimum period that a character must wait after using a skill before they can attempt to activate it again. Skills that are interrupted or disrupted by knock down also have to wait to be recharged. Failing skills are ready immediately; they do not need to recharge. The visual indicator of a recharging skill is a darkened skill icon that gradually lightens as if a clock-hand was sweeping through from noon to midnight.


  • A skill begins recharging at the exact moment the skill is completed or prevented.
  • Before a skill is used, its recharge time can be affected by other skills, environmental effects or weapons (HSR). For example, Quickening Zephyr lessens recharge times while Energizing Wind lengthens them.
  • Disabling a skill can prolong its recharge time but cannot shorten. For example, Blackout disables any skill of its user for 5 seconds. If one particular skill was recharging and its remaining time was 3 seconds, then it will be prolonged to 5 seconds. If another skill had 30 seconds left until recharge, it will not be affected by Blackout and will continue recharge normally.
  • While a skill is being activated, the user can alter its recharge time by invoking a stance. For example, if you activate Serpent's Quickness before completing a casting of Meteor, the recharge time will be shortened.
  • Several effects can reduce the recharge time of skills. Several of these effects will stack additively, up to a maximum of 50% reduced recharge time. However, a single skill's effect can bypass this limit and in PvE, Fast Casting also bypasses this limit for mesmer spells.
  • A skill that requires adrenaline cannot gain adrenaline while it is recharging.

Skills that reduce recharge time[edit]

Reduces other skills' recharge times[edit]

Conditionally reduces its own recharge time[edit]

Skills that involve instant recharge[edit]

Instantly recharges other skills[edit]

Instantly recharges itself[edit]

Skills that recharge by a morale boost[edit]

Skills that increase recharge time[edit]

Increase other skill's recharge[edit]

Conditionally increase its own recharge[edit]


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