Essence Bond

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Enchantment Spell. While you maintain this enchantment, whenever target ally takes physical or elemental damage, you gain 1 Energy.

Concise description

Enchantment Spell. You gain 1 Energy whenever target ally takes physical or elemental damage.


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  • Essence Bond will not trigger unless damage is taken, so it might not trigger if the the target is protected by skills such as Shielding Hands. However, it will trigger through Shield of Absorption.
  • As with any maintained enchantment, heroes only use this skill during combat and stop maintaining it at other times.
    • They will use it on any ally taking damage and will even maintain it on multiple allies (will stop maintaining when they are no longer taking damage).
  • Essence Bond pays for its its own upkeep as long as the bonded ally suffers physical or elemental damage at least once every three seconds.
    • Most martial foes attack fast enough to meet this requirement.
    • The skill is frequently used for solo farming against multiple foes, since it can restore nearly all energy back to the caster.
    • It is frequently used on tanks to help maintain the monk's energy.