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:Disambig icon.png This article is about the profession. For the Prophecies NPC, see Monk (NPC).

A male and female monk

Monks employ a direct conduit to the gods, and the answers to their prayers come in the form of healing and protection for their allies and damage to their enemies. Combined with any other profession, Monks can alternate between supporting their party and dealing damage to opponents. Monks enjoy Divine Favor, which provides extra healing power, while their healing and Protection Prayers help to keep their allies strong and healthy. Smiting Prayers, on the other hand, call down divine anger on enemies, exacting holy damage that ignores armor, though damage-dealing is not the Monk’s specialty. What Monks lack in firepower they make up for with their unparalleled gift for keeping their allies alive.

The Guild Wars Manuscripts


The servant of divine spirits, the Monk uses prayer to protect, preserve, and restore the well-being of companions.

— in-game description


Divine Favor (Primary)[edit]

This attribute provides a healing bonus to all Monk spells that target allies, and increases the duration and effectiveness of spells that help you call forth divine powers to aid your allies.

Healing Prayers[edit]

Points allocated to Healing Prayers increase the duration and effectiveness of spells that allow you to heal yourself and your allies.

Smiting Prayers[edit]

Smiting Prayers increase the duration and effectiveness of skills that inflict damage on the enemy. Smiting Prayers are especially effective against the undead.

Protection Prayers[edit]

Allocate points to Protection Prayers to increase the duration and effect of your Protection spells, which help protect you and your allies from harm.



  • Monks can be made the shortest characters amongst all professions.
  • The monk model animations resembles Chinese martial arts.
  • The icon used to represent Monks resembles the Egyptian Ankh.
  • A monk is an ancient concept that describes a person who practices religious asceticism, maintaining some degree of physical separation from those not sharing the same purpose.

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