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A male and female mesmer

Mesmers are masters of illusion and control, subverting the enemy’s Energy for their own use, and that of their allies. Combined with any other profession, their skills provide excellent support, turning enemies’ powers against them and changing the very fabric of reality to hinder foes and help allies. Mesmers have the ability to cast spells quickly, which can make all the difference in the heat of battle. Their powers of domination allow them to take control of enemy skills and Energy. Their unique illusionary talents can slow or even halt enemy movement and skill casting, or cause imaginary illnesses that drain Health and Energy from foes while healing and energizing allies. While Mesmers are not known for brute strength, their ability to confuse, distract, and drain the enemy’s resources more than compensates.

The Guild Wars Manuscripts


A master of illusion, misdirection, and control, the Mesmer subverts the damage-dealing capabilities of others, manipulating their perceptions to achieve personal goals.

— in-game description


Fast Casting (Primary)[edit]

Fast Casting decreases the activation time of your Spells and Signets. (No effect for non-Mesmer skills with an activation time less than 2 seconds.) In PvE, each rank of Fast Casting decreases the recharge time for your Mesmer Spells by 3%

Domination Magic[edit]

Increases the duration and effectiveness of your Domination spells, which allow you to disrupt and damage your enemies for their actions.

Illusion Magic[edit]

Increases the duration and effectiveness of your Illusion spells, which deceive your enemies and hinder their movement, attacks, and ability to cast spells.

Inspiration Magic[edit]

Increases the duration and effectiveness of your Inspiration spells, which steal Energy from enemies, remove enchantments, and prevent damage.



  • During early concept development, Mesmers were called Sorcerers.
  • Franz Mesmer was a German physician whose ideas led to the development of hypnosis.
  • The icon used to represent Mesmers is similar to the Hamsa, an ancient symbol found in amulets throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Mesmer is the only core profession that is not represented by one of the core NPCs (Aidan, Cynn, Devona, Eve, and Mhenlo).
  • Mesmer and Ritualist are the only professions with two permanent heroes available, excluding the variable profession hero Razah. Other professions have three heroes each.
  • Mesmer hand armor (gloves) covers only character hands; in contrast, hand armor for other professions also covers the forearm.

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