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A male and female ranger

Rangers are unique in their ability to succeed with the help of, or even in spite of, their environment. Nature rituals allow them to manipulate the environment to hinder their enemies, or borrow the very power of creation to heal and aid their allies. They favor long-range combat, the bow being their weapon of choice, and can be especially effective from elevated locations such as bridges and cliffs. They are the only profession with the ability to charm animals, which then accompany them on their travels and assist them in battle, gaining experience and levels over time. Rangers are also blessed with survival skills that help keep them alive by causing regeneration of health.

The Guild Wars Manuscripts


An agile and wily survivor, the Ranger specializes in archery, beast mastery, and attunement to nature.

— in-game description


Expertise (Primary)[edit]

Points into Expertise decrease the Energy cost by 4% of your attacks, Rituals, Touch Skills and Ranger Skills.

Beast Mastery[edit]

Beast Mastery increases the damage dealt by your animal companion and its chance to inflict a critical hit. Many Ranger skills, especially those related to making your animal companion stronger, become more effective with higher Beast Mastery.


Improving Marksmanship increases basic bow damage, and increases damage dealt by bow skills, it also affects the chance of a critical hit. It is the base attribute for most bow skills.

Wilderness Survival[edit]

Wilderness Survival improves defensive Stances, Preparations, and Traps, as well as some nature rituals.


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