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There are a number of different types of bows available for use, each varying slightly in range, attack speed, and accuracy. The longbow offers a fair attack speeds, a long range, and fair accuracy. The shortbow has a good attack speed, poor range, and good accuracy. The flatbow provides a good attack speed, a good range, and poor accuracy. The recurve bow has a fair attack speed, a fair range, and good accuracy. The hornbow provides a poor attack speed, a fair range, and fair accuracy, but has armor penetration.

Tablet of Wisdom

There are five types of bows, and each has different advantages and disadvantages. The longbow has a medium attack speed, long range, and medium accuracy. The flatbow has a fast attack speed, long range, but poor accuracy. The horn bow has a slow attack speed, medium range, medium accuracy, and 10% armor penetration. The recurve bow has a medium attack speed, medium range and good accuracy. The short bow has a quick attack speed, short range, and good accuracy.

Rakanja, Expert Ranger

A bow is a two-handed projectile weapon, preferred by Rangers, that requires a minimum Marksmanship, Spawning Power (in case of the Anniversary Flatbow "Oracle") or Critical Strikes (in case of the Anniversary Shortbow "Whisper") rank to deliver its maximum of 15-28 piercing damage. There are five primary types of bows, each with properties that suit specific situations. Bows are also used to pull enemies away from well defended positions.


  • Equip: Two-handed
  • Base:
    • Maximum damage range:1 15-28.
    • Damage type: Piercing damage.
    • Attack speed: Depends on bow type, see below.
    • Range: Depends on bow type, see below.
    • Projectile flight time and arc size: Depends on bow type. This influences how high the bow's arrows fly, determining accuracy on moving targets and for interrupts, as well as the steepness of hills that will obscure shots.
  • Modifiers:
    • Unsalvageable inherent in Prophecies, Factions and the Realms of the Gods or salvagable inscription in Nightfall, Eye of the North, the Bonus Mission pack and the Battle Isles.
    • Bowstring (name prefix)
    • Bow Grip (suffix).

Flight Time / Arc Size[edit]

The following table shows the different inherent properties of the bow types:

Bow type2 Attack speed Range3 Flight time4 Arc size Other properties Advantages Disadvantages
Flatbow 2.025 seconds 1.48 0.88 seconds High   Maximum attack speed and maximum attack range Arrows easily dodged and slow to interrupt
Longbow 2.475 seconds 1.48 0.59 seconds Medium   Maximum attack range Lowest DPS against armor 70 or higher
Hornbow 2.700 seconds 1.2 0.59 seconds Medium 10% armor penetration More damage based on enemy's armor rating Slow attack speed when neither using bow attack skills with activation time nor Deft Strike
Recurve Bow 2.475 seconds 1.2 0.40 seconds Low   Fastest arrows Lowest DPS against armor 70 or higher
Shortbow 2.025 seconds 1.0 0.59 seconds Medium   Maximum attack speed Shortest attack range

1 Projectile weapons inflict more damage against foes at lower elevation and less damage against foes at higher elevation.

  • Testing has yielded attacks that can do up to 200% of the listed maximum damage (not including modifiers)
  • Critical hits are not affected by elevation. If the elevation bonus is higher than a critical can achieve, then that value is used instead.

2 Although most bows in Guild Wars are named "(skin) (type)", as in "Jade Longbow" or "Ancient Recurve Bow", many Core and Prophecies bows have names which do not specify their type.

3 Range is approximate and is measured in aggro circle / Danger Zone radii. Range is also affected by elevation: arrows fly further from higher elevations (relative to target) and shorter from lower elevations.

4 Flight time is at shortbow range.


This is a list of all the different appearances a bow may have. It is completely independent of its stats and modifiers; for example, a Grinning Recurve Bow may be as effective as a Tormented Recurve Bow if they share the same inscription and modifiers.

By campaign[edit]

Campaign Flatbow Hornbow Longbow Recurve Bow Shortbow
Core Balthazar's Flatbow3
Balthazar's Hornbow3
Ivory Bow
Shadow Bow
Balthazar's Longbow3
Candy Cane Bow1, 3
Feathered Longbow
Storm Bow
Balthazar's Recurve Bow3
Composite Bow
Dead Bow
Eternal Bow
Grinning Recurve Bow
Recurve Bow
Starter Bow3
Balthazar's Shortbow3
Half Moon
Prophecies3 Ascalon Flatbow
Deldrimor Flatbow
Longbow (Across the Wall)
Ascalon Hornbow
Deldrimor Hornbow
Ascalon Longbow
Deldrimor Longbow
Wintergreen Bow1
Ascalon Recurve Bow
Deldrimor Recurve Bow
Ascalon Shortbow
Deldrimor Shortbow
Longbow (The Hunter's Horn)
Factions Amber Bow
Bramble Flatbow
Ironwing Flatbow2
Bramble Hornbow
Plagueborn Hornbow
Amber Longbow
Bramble Longbow
Celestial Longbow
Jade Longbow
Platinum Longbow
Naga Longbow
Zodiac Longbow
Bramble Recurve Bow
Plagueborn Recurve Bow
Bramble Shortbow
Naga Shortbow
Nightfall Ancient Flatbow
Bramble Flatbow
Feathered Flatbow
Skull Flatbow
Starter Flatbow3
Tormented Flatbow3
Vabbian Flatbow
Ancient Hornbow
Bramble Hornbow
Dragon Hornbow
Skull Hornbow
Stoneshard Hornbow
Tormented Hornbow3
Vabbian Hornbow
Aureate Longbow
Ancient Longbow
Bramble Longbow
Skull Longbow
Tormented Longbow3
Vabbian Longbow
Wooden Longbow
Wintergreen Bow1, 3
Ancient Recurve Bow
Azure Recurve Bow
Bladed Recurve Bow
Bramble Recurve Bow
Skull Recurve Bow
Spiked Recurve Bow
Sturdy Recurve Bow
Tormented Recurve Bow3
Vabbian Recurve Bow
Ancient Shortbow
Azure Shortbow
Bramble Shortbow
Caged Shortbow
Composite Shortbow
Skull Shortbow
Tormented Shortbow3
Vabbian Shortbow
Zehtuka's Shortbow4
Eye of the North Asuran Flatbow3
Charrslayer Flatbow3
Destroyer Flatbow3
Norn Flatbow3
Asuran Hornbow3
Charrslayer Hornbow3
Destroyer Hornbow3
Forked Hornbow
Norn Hornbow3
Asuran Longbow3
Charrslayer Longbow3
Destroyer Longbow3
Maplewood Longbow
Norn Longbow3
Turtle Shell Longbow
Asuran Recurve Bow3
Charrslayer Recurve Bow3
Destroyer Recurve Bow3
Norn Recurve Bow3
Oaken Recurve Bow
Silverwing Recurve Bow
Dryad Bow
Asuran Shortbow3
Charrslayer Shortbow3
Destroyer Shortbow3
Norn Shortbow3
Beyond3 Imperial Flatbow
Oppressor's Flatbow
Flatbow of Purity
Imperial Hornbow
Oppressor's Hornbow
Hornbow of Purity
Imperial Longbow
Oppressor's Longbow
Longbow of Purity
Imperial Recurve Bow
Oppressor's Recurve Bow
Recurve Bow of Purity
Imperial Shortbow
Oppressor's Shortbow
Shortbow of Purity
Promotional3 Ithas Bow
Nevermore Flatbow
  Darksteel Longbow  
Black Hawk's Lust5
Scorpion Bow5
Scorpion's Lust5
Bonus Mission Pack3 Charr Flatbow
Mursaat Flatbow
Tengu Flatbow
Undead Flatbow
Charr Hornbow
Mursaat Hornbow
Tengu Hornbow
Undead Hornbow
Charr Longbow
Mursaat Longbow
Tengu Longbow
Undead Longbow
Charr Recurve Bow
Mursaat Recurve Bow
Tengu Recurve Bow
Undead Recurve Bow
Charr Shortbow
Mursaat Shortbow
Tengu Shortbow
Undead Shortbow
  1. The Candy Cane Bow and Wintergreen Bow can only be obtained during Wintersday.
  2. The Ironwing Flatbow is only available in Factions elite missions.
  3. Not available as a drop.
  4. Zehtuka's Shortbow can be found lying on the ground in various explorable areas of the Desolation.
  5. The official English names of the Black Hawk's Lust bow, the Scorpion Bow and Scorpion's Lust Bow are currently unknown. They are promotional items exclusive to Taiwan, Korea and Japan respectively.

By model[edit]

Bow types (excluding promotional and Wintersday items) by model:

Campaign Model name Flatbow Hornbow Longbow Recurve Bow Shortbow
Core (plain) Flatbow Hornbow Longbow Recurve Bow Shortbow
Core Balthazar's2 Balthazar's Flatbow Balthazar's Hornbow Balthazar's Longbow Balthazar's Recurve Bow Balthazar's Shortbow
Core Composite - - - Composite Bow -
Core Dead - - - Dead Bow -
Core Eternal - - - Eternal Bow -
Core Feathered Feathered Flatbow - Feathered Longbow - -
Core Grinning - - - Grinning Recurve Bow -
Core Half Moon - - - - Half Moon
Core Ivory - Ivory Bow - - -
Core Shadow - Shadow Bow - - -
Core Starter - - - Starter Bow2 -
Core Storm - - Storm Bow - -
Prophecies Ascalon2 Ascalon Flatbow Ascalon Hornbow Ascalon Longbow Ascalon Recurve Bow Ascalon Shortbow
Prophecies Deldrimor2 Deldrimor Flatbow Deldrimor Hornbow Deldrimor Longbow Deldrimor Recurve Bow Deldrimor Shortbow
Factions Amber Amber Bow - Amber Longbow - -
Factions Bramble Bramble Flatbow Bramble Hornbow Bramble Longbow Bramble Recurve Bow Bramble Shortbow
Factions Celestial - - Celestial Longbow - -
Factions Ironwing Ironwing Flatbow - - - -
Factions Jade - - Jade Longbow - -
Factions Naga - - Naga Longbow - Naga Shortbow
Factions Plagueborn - Plagueborn Hornbow - Plagueborn Recurve Bow -
Factions Platinum - - Platinum Longbow - -
Factions Zodiac - - Zodiac Longbow - -
Nightfall Ancient Ancient Flatbow Ancient Hornbow Ancient Longbow Ancient Recurve Bow Ancient Shortbow
Nightfall Aureate - - Aureate Longbow - -
Nightfall Azure - - - Azure Recurve Bow Azure Shortbow
Nightfall Bladed - - - Bladed Recurve Bow -
Nightfall Bramble Bramble Flatbow Bramble Hornbow Bramble Longbow Bramble Recurve Bow Bramble Shortbow
Nightfall Caged - - - - Caged Shortbow
Nightfall Composite - - - - Composite Shortbow
Nightfall Dragon - Dragon Hornbow - - -
Nightfall Feathered Feathered Flatbow - - - -
Nightfall Skull Skull Flatbow Skull Hornbow Skull Longbow Skull Recurve Bow Skull Shortbow
Nightfall Spiked - - - Spiked Recurve Bow -
Nightfall Starter Starter Flatbow2 - - - -
Nightfall Stoneshard - Stoneshard Hornbow - - -
Nightfall Sturdy - - - Sturdy Recurve Bow -
Nightfall Tormented Tormented Flatbow2 Tormented Hornbow2 Tormented Longbow2 Tormented Recurve Bow2 Tormented Shortbow2
Nightfall Vabbian Vabbian Flatbow Vabbian Hornbow Vabbian Longbow Vabbian Recurve Bow Vabbian Shortbow
Nightfall Wooden - - Wooden Longbow - -
Nightfall Zehtuka's - - - - Zehtuka's Shortbow3
Eye of the North Asuran2 Asuran Flatbow Asuran Hornbow Asuran Longbow Asuran Recurve Bow Asuran Shortbow
Eye of the North Charrslayer2 Charrslayer Flatbow Charrslayer Hornbow Charrslayer Longbow Charrslayer Recurve Bow Charrslayer Shortbow
Eye of the North Destroyer2 Destroyer Flatbow Destroyer Hornbow Destroyer Longbow Destroyer Recurve Bow Destroyer Shortbow
Eye of the North Dryad - - - Dryad Bow -
Eye of the North Forked - Forked Hornbow - - -
Eye of the North Maplewood - - Maplewood Longbow - -
Eye of the North Norn2 Norn Flatbow Norn Hornbow Norn Longbow Norn Recurve Bow Norn Shortbow
Eye of the North Oaken - - - Oaken Recurve Bow -
Eye of the North Silverwing - - - Silverwing Recurve Bow -
Eye of the North Turtle Shell - - Turtle Shell Longbow - -
Beyond2 Purity Flatbow of Purity Hornbow of Purity Longbow of Purity Recurve Bow of Purity Shortbow of Purity
Beyond2 Imperial Imperial Flatbow Imperial Hornbow Imperial Longbow Imperial Recurve Bow Imperial Shortbow
Beyond2 Oppressor Oppressor's Flatbow Oppressor's Hornbow Oppressor's Longbow Oppressor's Recurve Bow Oppressor's Shortbow
Bonus Mission Pack2 Charr Charr Flatbow Charr Hornbow Charr Longbow Charr Recurve Bow Charr Shortbow
Bonus Mission Pack2 Mursaat Mursaat Flatbow Mursaat Hornbow Mursaat Longbow Mursaat Recurve Bow Mursaat Shortbow
Bonus Mission Pack2 Tengu Tengu Flatbow Tengu Hornbow Tengu Longbow Tengu Recurve Bow Tengu Shortbow
Bonus Mission Pack2 Undead Undead Flatbow Undead Hornbow Undead Longbow Undead Recurve Bow Undead Shortbow
1 The Ironwing Flatbow is only available in elite missions.
2 Not available as a drop.
3 Zehtuka's Shortbow can be found lying on the ground in various explorable areas in the Desolation.


Bug Bug.Bows frequently fail to work properly on bridges, stairs and balustrades. It's possible to use a touch skill on an enemy, then attempt to shoot it with a bow, and get the "obstructed" message.

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