Darksteel Longbow

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Darksteel Longbow
Darksteel Longbow.jpg
Type Bow
Campaign(s) Eye of the North
Damage type(s) Piercing damage
Bow type Longbow
Value Can't be sold
Salvage Not salvageable
Inventory icon Darksteel Longbow.png

The Darksteel Longbow is very important in Charr culture, as it was once wielded by the most powerful Charr Stalker. It is only available from the Guild Wars Eye of the North Prerelease Bonus Pack.


Piercing damage: 15-28 (Requires 9 Marksmanship)
Armor penetration +20% (Chance: 20%)
Damage +15%
Energy -5


Except for the visual appearance, it is possible to create an exact technical replica for this item with:



Most dye colors affect the whole bow. The default color can be closely replicated with yellow dye.

Darksteel Longbow dye chart.jpg


  • This item can be upgraded with a bow grip, but once upgraded, it cannot be salvaged out.


  • This weapon is based on the design entry by Marko Cvetkovic, for the Design-a-Weapon Contest held in 2007.
  • In the card game Magic: The Gathering, darksteel is an indestructible metal that exists on the world of Mirrodin, as well as an expansion set named after the metal.

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