Guild Wars Eye of the North Prerelease Bonus Pack

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GW:EN Pre-release box

Contents List[edit]


Access was provided to the following:

In-Game Items[edit]

Each player who purchased a Prerelease Bonus Pack received the following pre-order items (type /bonus or /preorder in a town to receive them):

These weapons were based on entries from the Design-a-Weapon Contest held earlier that year.


  • A Prerelease Bonus Pack Access Key cannot be used to create a new Guild Wars account.
  • Trials do not stack.
  • The retail version of the Prerelease Bonus Pack was provided on a DVD which included the game client and the previously released Nightfall cinematic. No DVD was required for purchases made through the Guild Wars Official (in-game) Store.


The GW:EN Prerelease Bonus Pack became available through the Guild Wars In-Game Store on July 20, 2007 and was sold through August 31, 2007. Retailers may have made their copies available on that date or soon thereafter.

North American Availability: 30 July 2007[edit]

Information received on this date from the North American Vice President of Sales and Marketing provides some insight on store availablity. This is by no means a complete list:

  • FutureShop Canada -- in stores Monday/Tuesday week of July 29
  • EB Games Canada -- mid-week week of July 29
United States
  • Fry's -- in stock since the week of July 29
  • GameStop and EB Games US -- In stock by Tuesday of the week of July 29
  • Best Buy -- in stock since the week of July 29

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