Ithas Bow

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Ithas Bow
Ithas Bow.jpg
Type Bow
Campaign(s) Prophecies
Damage type(s) Piercing damage
Bow type Flatbow
Value Can't be sold
Salvage Not salvageable
Inventory icon Ithas Bow.png

The Ithas Bow is one of the six pre-order items available before the release of Guild Wars Prophecies.


The only way to acquire an Ithas Bow was to pre-order Guild Wars Prophecies specifically from EBGames, and the key included with the pre-order package created an account with the Ithas Bow unlocked.

Use the /bonus command in an outpost or town to create 1 copy of the Ithas Bow in your inventory as well as all the other promotional items unlocked in your account (if you do not have one already). Like all other Pre-Order Items and Collector's Edition Items they are automatically customized and cannot be traded or transferred between accounts in any way.


Piercing Dmg: 13-25 (Requires 10 Marksmanship)
Armor +5 (Requires 10 Marksmanship)
Damage +20% (Customized)


Using dye on this weapon has no cosmetic effect.


  • The Ithas Bow can be created in pre-Searing, allowing the character to wield a bow with 13-25 damage (which do not drop in pre-Searing).
  • The Ithas Bow's armor +5 attribute originally required 10 Expertise, but was later changed to Marksmanship.
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