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The window in which you can add 25-character access keys.

An access key is the 25-character code that accompanies all Guild Wars products; it is displayed as five groups of five characters each for easier reading in the form ABC12-FGH34-JKL56-MNO78-PQR90.


Every game box comes with a unique access key that is used to register an account. Existing accounts can be upgraded by adding access keys for additional features, including promotional items and additional campaigns. Once used, the key (and its associated features) are forever tied to that account and can no longer be added to any other accounts. Purchases made in the Guild Wars In-Game Store also came with an access key, but these were automatically registered to the current account.

ArenaNet also makes use of access keys for promotional in-game items (e.g. Henchman Tonics, pre-orders, magazines, and game conventions).


You have full access to all account features no matter which computer you use to play the game; you do not need to re-register, since your account data is stored on ArenaNet servers.

Contacting support[edit]

When dealing with any account-related issues, support staff will ask you to prove ownership. The easiest way to do this is to provide them with one or more keys associated with your account.


Because ArenaNet uses access keys as proof-of-ownership, never give your access key to anyone except when you have initiated an account-related request directly with support.

  • Do not type your account key in-game; ArenaNet staff will never ask for it through chat.
  • Do not send your key information along with your password and email address.
  • Do not reply to an unsolicited email by providing any security data (including the account key).

Adding a new key[edit]

  1. On the Character selection screen, press the button "Edit Account".
  2. Click "Manage Access Keys".
  3. Click "Add Key".
  4. You will be asked to confirm that you wish to add the key.
  5. After entering the key correctly, the game will display a note with details of new features that have been added to the account.


  • It is not possible to split access keys. For example, buying the Guild Wars Trilogy will not allow you to add one campaign each to three different accounts.