Chimeric Prism

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Chimeric Prism
Chimeric Prism.jpg
Type Focus item
Campaign Prophecies
Divine Favor
Energy Storage
Fast Casting
Soul Reaping
Value Can't be sold
Salvage Not salvageable
Inventory icon Chimeric Prism.png

The Chimeric Prism is one of the six pre-order items that were available leading up to the release of Guild Wars Prophecies.


  • Created by use of the /bonus command after an access key from one of the following sources has been added:
    • Guild Wars Prophecies Pre-order Box purchased in Europe.



Dye affects the entire item, except for the pulsing circular glow.


  • This skin is unique.
  • The armor rating is equal to a perfect shield for a Warrior with 8 Strength, while offering +5 energy. There are no upgrade components that allow this on shields.
  • For a Monk with 8 Divine Favor, this functions like a shield whose requirement is not met (granting 8 armor) and offering +8 energy.


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