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Perfect is an unofficial term used to describe items with the maximum possible stats, specifically:


The perfect armor rating values for each profession's basic armor are :

80 armor rating
  • Warrior Warrior
  • Paragon Paragon
70 armor rating
  • Ranger Ranger
  • Assassin Assassin
  • Dervish Dervish
60 armor rating
  • Monk Monk
  • Necromancer Necromancer
  • Mesmer Mesmer
  • Elementalist Elementalist
  • Ritualist Ritualist


The perfect stats for each class of weapon (unless noted, the figures represent damage range) are as follow :

Name Perfect
Axe 6-28
Daggers 7-17
Hammer 19-35
Scythe 9-41
Sword 15-22
Name Perfect
Bow 15-28
Spear 14-27
Staff 11-22, HSR 20%,
Energy +10
Wand 11-22
Name Perfect
Focus item Energy +12
Shield 16 armor rating

Perfect weapons generally require a rank of 9 or higher of the appropriate attribute to be considered perfect, with 9 being considered "perfect" as a requirement. On very rare occasions the requirement can be 8 or as low as 7. However, such weapons will not output perfect damage with an attribute rank less than 9. See damage calculation for details.

Weapon upgrades[edit]

Weapon upgrades have a maximum value to their benefit.

See also: List of weapon upgrades.

Pre- and suffixes[edit]

Name Perfect
Furious 10%
Sundering 20%
Adept 20%
Defensive 5
Hale 30
Insightful 5
Swift 10%
Vampiric 5 (on Hammer, Bow, and Scythe)
3 (on Axe, Sword, Dagger, & Spear)
Zealous 1


Main article: Inscriptions
Name Perfect
"Strength and Honor" 15%
"Guided by Fate" 15%
"Dance with Death" 15%
"To the Pain!" 15%
"Brawn over Brains" 15%
"Too Much Information" 15%
"Vengeance is Mine" 20%
"Don't Fear the Reaper" 20%
"Don't Think Twice" 10%
"I Have the Power" 5
"Let the Memory Live Again" 10%
"Aptitude not Attitude" 20%
"Seize the Day" 15
"Hale and Hearty" 5
"Have Faith" 5
"Don't Call it a Comeback!" 7
"I am Sorrow" 7
"Serenity Now" 10%
"Forget Me Not" 20%
"Live for Today" 15
"Faith is My Shield" 5
"Ignorance is Bliss" 5
"Life is Pain" 5
"Man for All Seasons" 5
"Survival of the Fittest" 5
Name Perfect
"Might Makes Right" 5
"Knowing is Half the Battle" 5
"Down But Not Out" 10
"Hail to the King" 5
"Be Just and Fear Not" 10
"Luck of the Draw" 20%
"Sheltered by Faith" 2
"Nothing to Fear" 3
"Run For Your Life!" 2
"Master of My Domain!" 20%
"Not the Face!" 10
"Leaf on the Wind" 10
"Like a Rolling Stone" 10
"Riders on the Storm" 10
"Sleep Now in the Fire" 10
"Through Thick and Thin" 10
"The Riddle of Steel" 10
"Swift as the Wind" 20%
"Fear Cuts Deeper" 20%
"Strength of Body" 20%
"Cast Out the Unclean" 20%
"Pure of Heart" 20%
"Soundness of Mind" 20%
"I Can See Clearly Now" 20%
"Only the Strong Survive" 20%

Weapons (edit)
One-handed Melee:
Two-handed Melee:
Off-hand only FocusShield
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