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Perfect is the adjective used to describe items with the maximum possible stats for its type, specifically:

In addition, a Perfect Salvage Kit allows the player to salvage mods without risk of breaking the item.


The perfect armor rating values for each profession's basic armor differ slightly. Although these values are static, they do require a player to be level 20 to receive the full amount listed.

80 armor rating
  • Warrior Warrior
  • Paragon Paragon
70 armor rating
  • Ranger Ranger
  • Assassin Assassin
  • Dervish Dervish
60 armor rating
  • Monk Monk
  • Necromancer Necromancer
  • Mesmer Mesmer
  • Elementalist Elementalist
  • Ritualist Ritualist


These are the perfect stats for each class of weapon (unless noted, the figures represent damage range). Although perfect weapons generally require at least a rank of 9 of the appropriate attribute to be considered perfect, the requirement for perfect damage ranges can be as low as 7. However, weapons with maximum damage values of a requirement below 9 will not output perfect damage with an attribute rank less than 9. See damage calculation for details.

Name Perfect
Axe 6-28
Daggers 7-17
Hammer 19-35
Scythe 9-41
Sword 15-22
Name Perfect
Bow 15-28
Spear 14-27
Staff 11-22, HSR 20%,
Energy +10
Wand 11-22
Name Perfect
Focus item Energy +12
Shield 16 armor rating

Weapon upgrades[edit]

Weapon upgrades have a maximum value to their benefit.

See also: List of weapon upgrades.

Pre- and suffixes[edit]

Name Perfect
Furious 10%
Sundering 20%
Adept 20%
Defensive 5
Hale 30
Insightful 5
Swift 10%
Vampiric 5 (on Hammer, Bow, and Scythe)
3 (on Axe, Sword, Dagger, & Spear)
Zealous 1


Main article: Inscriptions
Name Perfect
"Strength and Honor" 15%
"Guided by Fate" 15%
"Dance with Death" 15%
"To the Pain!" 15%
"Brawn over Brains" 15%
"Too Much Information" 15%
"Vengeance is Mine" 20%
"Don't Fear the Reaper" 20%
"Don't Think Twice" 10%
"I Have the Power" 5
"Let the Memory Live Again" 10%
"Aptitude not Attitude" 20%
"Seize the Day" 15
"Hale and Hearty" 5
"Have Faith" 5
"Don't Call it a Comeback!" 7
"I am Sorrow" 7
"Serenity Now" 10%
"Forget Me Not" 20%
"Live for Today" 15
"Faith is My Shield" 5
"Ignorance is Bliss" 5
"Life is Pain" 5
"Man for All Seasons" 5
"Survival of the Fittest" 5
Name Perfect
"Might Makes Right" 5
"Knowing is Half the Battle" 5
"Down But Not Out" 10
"Hail to the King" 5
"Be Just and Fear Not" 10
"Luck of the Draw" 20%
"Sheltered by Faith" 2
"Nothing to Fear" 3
"Run For Your Life!" 2
"Master of My Domain!" 20%
"Not the Face!" 10
"Leaf on the Wind" 10
"Like a Rolling Stone" 10
"Riders on the Storm" 10
"Sleep Now in the Fire" 10
"Through Thick and Thin" 10
"The Riddle of Steel" 10
"Swift as the Wind" 20%
"Fear Cuts Deeper" 20%
"Strength of Body" 20%
"Cast Out the Unclean" 20%
"Pure of Heart" 20%
"Soundness of Mind" 20%
"Only the Strong Survive" 20%


  • When players are looking for a perfect weapon, they usually refer to a weapon with a requirement of 9 that has an inscription slot.
  • Similarly, when players are looking for a weapon modification of any kind, they usually mean a perfect variant.

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