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A martial weapon is any weapon or offhand that aids a martialist profession. Typical martial weapons are swords, axes, hammers, bows, daggers, spears and scythes. The only martial offhands in the game are shields, excluding Xun Rao's Quill which is described as a "parrying dagger" but functions identical to shields. Martials can also make use of Caster weapons (if they are properly modded) and focus items. Players can carry up to 4 different weapon sets that can be swapped with F1-F4. Players often choose to place different preferred weapons in different weapon sets, as well as a longbow or flatbow for pulling monsters, or a staff for running, if required. Depending on your skillbar and the expected opponents, consider the following upgrades:

Weapon Upgrades[edit]

  • of Defense (gives you +5 armor rating)
  • of Fortitude (increases your maximum health by 30 - normally, of Defense is preferred)
  • "Strength and Honor" (increases your attack damage by 15% while your health is above 50%)
  • "Guided by Fate" (increases your attack damage by 15% while you are enchanted)

Shield Upgrades[edit]

Shield Handle
  • Armor +10 vs. Blunt, Cold, Earth, Fire, Lightning, Piercing or Slashing Damage in PvP
  • "I Can See Clearly Now" (Reduces Blind duration on you by 20% )
  • "Swift as the Wind" (Reduces Crippled duration on you by 20% )


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