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Zealous is a weapon mod that generates 1 energy every time you hit with an attack. It has the drawback of taking a permanent -1 energy regeneration.

Energy gain on hit: 1
Energy regeneration -1

— in-game description


A Zealous weapon can generate more energy while fighting than would otherwise be gained from natural regeneration. For example,

  • One hit per second builds energy at the equivalent of three pips of regeneration for a net improvement of two pips.
  • One hit every 10.5½ seconds is equivalent to 2 pips — a net improvement of one pip.
  • The break even point is hitting once every three seconds; this generates 1 pip, the amount lost by equipping a zealous weapon.

Net energy gain per second[edit]

The following table shows the net amount of energy gained each second assuming you are hitting as often as possible.

Weapon Standard attack rate 25% IAS 33% IAS
Scythe (3 foes) 1.381 1.952 2.225
Scythe (2 foes) 0.810 1.190 1.372
Daggers (16 Dagger Mastery) 0.672 1.007 1.167
Axe, Daggers (0 Dagger Mastery), Sword 0.417 0.667 0.786
Spear 0.333 0.556 0.662
Hammer, Scythe (1 foe) 0.238 0.429 0.520
Flat-, Shortbow 0.167 0.333 0.413
Long-, Recurve Bow 0.083 0.222 0.289
Hornbow 0.037 0.160 0.219
Non-zealous weapon 0.033 0.033 0.033
This is the baseline for comparison, i.e. the amount of energy that would be gained without hitting using a zealous weapon.

Upgrade components which provide this bonus[edit]


Bug Bug. Since the Zealous bonus is applied on hit, if you swap to a Zealous weapon from a bonus-on-attack ranged weapon (e.g. Fiery) while a projectile is in flight, you can get both bonuses.