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A sword is a one-handed melee weapon that can require investment in the Swordsmanship or Expertise (in case of the Anniversary Sword "Prominence") attribute, and has a maximum damage range of 15-22 slashing damage (with critical hits reaching 31 damage). It is one of the three preferred weapons of Warriors.


  1. Jitte inflict blunt damage. Some swords come with an inherent Sword Hilt: Fiery Dragon Sword, Fiery Gladius, and Fiery Embersteel Blade always inflict fire damage, Icy Dragon Sword inflict cold damage.

Swords with maximum damage have been observed with attribute requirements ranging from 7 to 13. Max damage unique, collector and weaponsmith swords have an attribute requirement of 9, with the exception of Shiro's Sword, which has a requirement of 13.

List of swords[edit]

This is a list of all the different appearances a sword may have. It is completely independent of its stats and modifiers; for example, a Gladius will be as effective as a Zodiac Sword if they share the same inscription and modifiers.

Core Prophecies Factions Nightfall Eye of the North Beyond6 Bonus Mission Pack6 Promotional6
1 Candy Cane Swords and Wintergreen Swords have 10-10 damage and an attribute requirement of 0.
2 Fiery Dragon Swords, Fiery Gladius, and Fiery Embersteel Blades inflict fire damage and will not accept prefix upgrades.
3 Icy Dragon Swords inflict cold damage and will not accept prefix upgrades.
4 Jitte inflict blunt damage.
5 Vampiric Dragon Swords come equipped with a Vampiric Sword Hilt and will not accept prefix upgrades.
6 Sword is not available as a drop.
7 Sword has no attribute requirement and is not maxed.
8 Anniversary Sword "Prominence" requires 9 Expertise.


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