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Equipment pertains to items that are equipped by the character in their inventory and used in combat, both in offense and defense. They are of two main kinds, armor and weapons.

Equipment slots[edit]

Each character has a total of seven equipment slots: Main hand and off-hand for weapons and focus items/shields and five armor slots (head, chest, hands, legs and feet). A one-handed or two-handed weapon can only be equipped in the main hand and a focus item or shield only in the off-hand; however, if a two-handed weapon and a focus item or shield are equipped, that character will only wield the two-handed weapon. There is no dual weapon wielding (or dual shield wielding) in Guild Wars.

Changing equipment[edit]

Equipment can be changed in all outposts and at any time during PvE. It is not possible to change your armor during PvP encounters, but you can change your weapon and off-hand.

Customized equipment[edit]

Equipment can be customized for a 20% damage enhancement by bringing a weapon to a weaponsmith; however, customized weapons can only be used by the character they are customized for, or that character's heroes. Some equipment is automatically customized (for example armor and some weapons obtained from collectors, or armor from armorers).