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Disambig icon.png This article is about the NPC type that crafts weapons. For the NPC in guild halls, see Weaponsmith (guild hall). For the NPC in Guild Wars Eye of the North, see Weaponsmith (Eye of the North). For the NPC in Embark Beach, see Ancient Anniversary Weaponsmith.

A weaponsmith is an NPC that crafts weapons in exchange for crafting materials and gold and/or customizes weapons. For instance, Wisseh in Dzagonur Bastion will craft a Winged Axe for 40 Iron Ingots, 6 Wood Planks and 5 Platinum. Nearly all weaponsmith weapons can be modified with weapon upgrades, including inscriptions for those found in Eye of the North or Nightfall.


  • You can salvage any upgrades that you have added to crafted weapons; you can also salvage original, non-inherent mods, e.g. you can remove the of Fortitude upgrades of Destroyer weapons.
  • Weaponsmiths will customize any primary weapon for 10Gold, but the weapons that they craft are not automatically customized, i.e. they can be used by any character.
  • Similar to merchants, you can sell certain inventory items to weaponsmiths.

Lists of weaponsmiths[edit]