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Upgrade components are items that are used to upgrade existing armor or weapons. They are applied by double clicking the upgrade item and then clicking once on the target item.

Game mechanics[edit]

  • Green weapons from any campaign cannot be upgraded with mods at all (exception: Keiran's Bow).
  • Noninscribable Wands, Foci and Shields from the Prophecies and Factions campaigns cannot be upgraded with any kinds of mods at all.
  • Most other items can be upgraded using a suffix component, e.g. staff wrappings, runes, or bow grips.
  • Those same items can usually also be upgraded with a prefix component, if they exist (e.g. staff heads, armor insignias).
  • Weapons from Nightfall, Eye of the North, from the end-chests in elite missions in Factions and the Hall of Heroes chest, and all PvP weapons are inscribable.
    • Inscriptions are color-coded to distinguish to which items they can be applied. These colors are shown in the table below.
  • All upgrades can be identified to increase their value before being sold to the merchant.
    • It is also worth salvaging upgrades from low-value weapons, because the minimum value of each upgrade is 25Gold.
    • Some upgrades are very rare and can be traded to other players for far more than the merchant (or trade) value of the item itself.

There are numerous types of upgrade components:

Item type Prefix Suffix Inscriptions
Armor Insignia Rune -
Axe Axe Haft Axe Grip Equippable item,
Martial weapon
Hammer Hammer Haft Hammer Grip
Sword Sword Hilt Sword Pommel
Daggers Dagger Tang Dagger Handle
Scythe Scythe Snathe Scythe Grip
Bow Bow String Bow Grip
Spear Spearhead Spear Grip
Staff Staff Head Staff Wrapping Equippable item,
Spellcasting weapon
Wand - Wand Wrapping
Shield - Shield Handle Equippable Item,
Focus item - Focus Core Equippable Item,
Focus item


Prefix upgrades will add their own adjective before the name of the item you're upgrading. So for instance, if your character was wearing Tyrian Armor, adding a Radiant Insignia would change its name to Radiant Tyrian Armor.

Suffix upgrades will add their own adjective after the name of the item you're upgrading. For instance, adding a Rune of Minor Vigor to Canthan Armor would change its name to Canthan Armor of Minor Vigor.

Items dropped or upgraded with two components will display both names at once. If a player had a 'clean' (unmodified) sword, and added to it a Fiery Sword Hilt and a Sword Pommel of Fortitude, it would become a Fiery Sword of Fortitude.

While inscriptions do not affect the name of the item they modified, the inscription will be shown complete with its own name in the item's hover display.


Weapons found by role-playing characters that are at least uncommon will have at least one upgrade component attached. When these items are identified, their upgrade components are unlocked for PvP on your account. You can also choose to salvage out the upgrade components for use in other items.

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