Expert Salvage Kit

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Expert Salvage Kit
Expert Salvage Kit.png
Rarity Common
Type Kit
Value 200Gold
Stackable No
Uses 25
Item Generic.jpg

Uses remaining: [25...1]
Double-click to salvage upgrade components and [sic] crafting materials (rare or common) from an item.

— in-game description

An item used to salvage other items for both common and rare crafting materials. It is similar to a Salvage Kit, but with the potential to take more valuable parts of the salvage item.

On top of the chance to receive rare materials, Expert Salvage Kits also have at least one guaranteed chance to salvage the upgrade component of your choice from an item with salvageable modifiers, such as inscriptions. Items have a chance of being destroyed when salvaged for upgrades.

This kit has a default of 25 uses. The Superior Salvage Kit is also available, being functionally identical to this kit, except having 100 uses, costing significantly more, and having a different item icon.



  • The cost per use of this kit is 16Gold.
  • The resale value of this kit decreases by 8Gold each time it is used.
  • The base chance, before the Wisdom and Treasure Hunter bonuses, of breaking an item upon salvaging an upgrade is 50%.

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