Treasure Hunter

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Treasure Hunter
Eternal Treasure Hunter.jpg
Campaign Core
Title type Account

Treasure Hunter is an account-based title that is earned by opening high-end locked chests. Grandmaster Treasure Hunters can display a statue at the "Honor" monument. Treasure Hunter is also the name of the first rank of this title.

Treasure Hunter title track[edit]

Tier Title High-end chests
Lockpick retention
1 Treasure Hunter 100 +3% +3%
2 Adept Treasure Hunter 250 +6% +6%
3 Advanced Treasure Hunter 550 +9% +9%
4 Expert Treasure Hunter 1,200 +12% +12%
5 Elite Treasure Hunter 2,500 +15% +15%
6 Master Treasure Hunter 5,000 +18% +18%
7 Grandmaster Treasure Hunter 10,000 +21% +21%
1 The chances to preserve armor or weapons after salvaging upgrades increases by 3% per title rank; this applies to all characters on your account.
2 Characters also increase the chance of retaining lockpicks by 3% per Treasure Hunter rank.


  • Opening chests: You add one point to the title for each high-end chest opened by any character on your account. A chest is considered "high-end" if the key required to open it costs 600Gold or more; Locked Chests count for this title and can be found anywhere in Hard mode and throughout the Eye of the North.
  • Finding Golden Eggs: During the Sweet Treats Week, you earn one point towards the title for each Golden Egg that any of your characters picks up while it is still assigned to them.

High-end chests[edit]

The following keys will add to the title:

Prophecies Factions Nightfall Core
Shiverpeak key (Southern Shiverpeaks)
Darkstone key (Ring of Fire Islands)
Miner's key (Sorrow's Furnace)
Kurzick key (Echovald Forest)
Luxon key (The Jade Sea)
Forbidden key (Raisu Palace)
Stoneroot key (Urgoz's Warren)
Deep Jade key (The Deep)
Vabbian key (Vabbi)
Ancient Elonian key (Desolation)
Margonite key (Realm of Torment)
Demonic key (Domain of Anguish)
Obsidian key (The Fissure of Woe)
Phantom key (The Underworld, Scarred Earth,
The Courtyard, The Hall of Heroes)
Lockpicks on any Locked Chest or on chests in the zones above.

Costs analysis[edit]

The cheapest1 way to obtain the title is to use discounted lockpicks alone to open eligible chests with the highest retention rate, i.e. Shiverpeak, Kurzick, Luxon, Vabbi, or Ancient Elonian. Maximizing the title through this method costs2 approximately:

  • 4705Platinum, if purchasing lockpicks from other players at the standard trade rate of 1Platinum 250Gold each.
  • 4517Platinum, if purchasing picks from Discount Merchants for 1Platinum 200Gold each.
1 You can save even more by first maximizing the Lucky title, but that cancels the synergy with the Lucky/Unlucky titles.
2 These costs will be reduced significantly by selling chest drops to merchants and even more so by selling valued upgrades or items to other players.


Notable chest runs[edit]

See also: Chest run
Explorable area # chests Average repeat time Notes
Cathedral of Flames 1–2 ~2 minutes See CoF Chest Run Walkthrough.
Drakkar Lake 0-1 <1 minutes During The Great Norn Alemoot. No fighting required; 1 chest where Nulfastu Earthbound would normally spawn.
Dreadnought's Drift 2-3 2–4 minutes Start from either portal; bring knockdown prevention for party.
Drok's Run 5–10 20 minutes Not fast, but a good money maker for 8 players
Fronis Irontoe's Lair 1 < 1 minute Take advantage of the "Kilroy Stonekin" speed boost. Start in Gunnar's Hold.
Ice Cliff Chasms 0–3 1–2 minutes Start from Boreal Station and cover the Snow Wurm area. No fighting required. Poor drops, but most popular of the runs because of its speed.
Poisoned Outcrops 2–5 5 minutes Chance of Elemental Swords
Raisu Palace 5 5 minutes A difficult route requiring a running build; chance of Oni Blades and Golden Phoenix Blades
Pongmei Valley 3-5 4-5 minutes An easy, quick route; chance of Echovald Shields & Amber and Jade weapons.
Secret Lair of the Snowmen 4–5 10 minutes
Silent Surf 3–5 < 5 minutes
Witman's Folly 3 3 minutes Head east from Port Sledge; drops are poor


  • This title synergizes with Lucky and Unlucky titles, if using lockpicks to open the chests. It also contributes indirectly to Wisdom, since you can expect to find unidentified gold items.
  • These types of chests do not count towards the title: Zaishen Chests, Treasures (Nightfall), Hidden Treasures (Eye of the North dungeons), and any Reward chests (after completing elite missions and Eye of the North dungeons). However, there is a separate Zaishen title track.
  • The salvage bonus from this title stacks with the similar bonus from the Wisdom title track.
  • If farming a single area, you can save yourself some time by going to the nearest outpost of your farming spot. Leave by the exit, reenter the outpost via the exit, exit again, then type /resign. From then on, when you resign, it automatically places you close to the exit, saving a bit of time. Map traveling resets this.


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