Boreal Station

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Boreal Station
Boreal Station map icon.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Far Shiverpeaks
Type Outpost
Party size 8
Exit(s) Ice Cliff Chasms
Boreal Station world map.jpg
On the world map
Boreal Station.jpg
Inside Boreal Station

The Norn still refer to Boreal Station as Feodor's Hearthstead, even though Feodor is long gone. The Asura emerged from beneath this quiet hunter's home and appropriated it for their own needs, adding a node to their network of gates and transforming the stead into a supply waystation. It is muttered among the Norn that old Feodor is alive somewhere deep beneath his home, lost in Asura lands, protesting the invasion with a hammer and shield.

— in-game description

Before the fall of the Central Transfer Chamber, Boreal Station served as a recent addition the Asura's secondary gate network, carved as a supply depot and way station in the Norn lands. The Norn themselves have mostly abandoned the area, though they sometimes use it as a hunting camp. Some Norn say that Feodor's spirit haunts the area, while others say he is still alive, lost in the maze of magical portals of the Asura gate system.

Getting there[edit]

Quests available[edit]




all level 20

Other allies[edit]


  • Vekk and Ogden Stonehealer are automatically unlocked the first time you arrive here.
  • Complete exploration of Boreal Station will add 1 point on the Master of the North title track.
  • As revealed in a GW2 AFC, Boreal Station is the only depiction in-game of the original Asura aesthetic, which was later replaced by re-purposed assets from the cancelled Utopia campaign.

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