I Feel the Earth Move Under Cantha's Feet

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I Feel the Earth Move Under Cantha's Feet
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Minister of Maintenance Raiugyon
in Kaineng Center
(Kaineng City)
Followed by The Beginning of the End
Type Primary quest
I Feel the Earth Move Under Cantha's Feet map.jpg
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This quest gives a character access to the Eye of the North expansion.

Quest information[edit]




Environmental changes[edit]

Once this quest, Hole of Istan or What Lies Beneath has been completed, the chasm, fissure and crevasse become permanent interactive objects of their respective explorable areas.


Enter Bukdek Byway from Kaineng Center and follow the quest marker. You will reach the chasm - just click it to enter and proceed to the Tunnels Below Cantha. Now fight your way through the groups of Am Fah; the entire area will have a graphical effect similar to Cathedral Collapse, but without any side effects. Because Am Fah Assassins can block and inflict blind, you should consider bringing spellcasters instead of physical attackers. Follow the enemy spawns and you will reach some dwarves. Vekk and Ogden Stonehealer will also be there. A cinematic will start after which you will automatically get the quest The Beginning of the End.


Humans (Imperial Guard)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Minister of Maintenance Raiugyon
One of my precious streets has a giant hole in the middle of it...another hole in the middle of it. This is a tragedy, a travesty, a disaster of epic proportions. I've appropriated imperial funds to fix it, but I need someone to investigate the crack and ensure the street is safe before I hire workers. You never know what might be down there, in the dirt, what with the plague and all. Will you help me? I can use my limitless monetary resources to make it worth your while.
Yes Accept: "Limitless monetary resources? Say no more."
No Decline: "I hurt my back."
Ask Ask: "Investigate the chasm in Bukdek Byway. It must be deemed safe before I'll allow workers down there."

Cinematic dialogue[edit]

Ogden Stonehealer: "All right, you lot! Pick up the pace!"
Ogden Stonehealer: "Take all the kegs you can. We're going to need them!"
Ogden Stonehealer: "And find Vekk! We need him to open the gate out of here."
<Party Leader>: "What's going on?"
Ogden Stonehealer: "Where did you come from?"
<Party Leader>: "Are those explosives? There's a city above us."
Ogden Stonehealer: "I know, there's...Hang on. Vekk! There you are."
Vekk: "We've got trouble, Ogden."
Ogden Stonehealer: "You get the gate working. We'll handle the trouble."
Vekk: "It's not that easy. The Destroyers have completely overrun the Central Transfer Chamber."
Ogden Stonehealer: "Blast! If the chamber is captured, there is no way back."
<Party Leader>: "Wait. The quakes have opened up other passages. There should be another way out."
Vekk: "The bookah's right. There is another gate, not far from here. But the Destroyers are right behind me."
Ogden Stonehealer: "You'd best be coming with us. If we're split up, the Destroyers will eat us alive."
<Party Leader>: "What are these "Destroyers"? For that matter, what are you?"
Vekk: "Me? Right now, I'm your best hope of getting out of here alive, bookah."
Ogden Stonehealer: "We can chat later. We're going to need your help if we're going to reach that gate."
Ogden Stonehealer: "Everyone, ready to move out! There are Destroyers coming!"
Ogden Stonehealer: "Never mind. They're here!"

Reward dialogue[edit]



  • This quest concludes automatically at the end of the cinematic; the follow-up quest, The Beginning of the End, is automatically accepted.
    • Sometimes this quest will not end until The Beginning of the End does; however, this has no impact on the game.
  • If you are below level 20 you will be buffed by Journey to the North within the Eye of the North expansion.
  • If you have any of the other Eye of the North access quests in your Quest Log, finishing one will remove them from your Quest Log.


  • I Feel the Earth Move is a song by Carole King, that includes the refrain, "I feel the Earth move under my feet".
  • Despite the minister promising to reward the player using his 'limitless monetary resources', the quest doesn't offer any rewards of tangible monetary value.