The Beginning of the End

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The Beginning of the End
The Beginning of the End page.jpg
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Automatically
in Beneath Lion's Arch
or Tunnels Below Cantha
or Caverns Below Kamadan
(Depths of Tyria)
Preceded by What Lies Beneath
or I Feel the Earth Move Under Cantha's Feet
or Hole of Istan
Followed by Against the Destroyers
Type Primary quest Repeatable quest
Caverns Below Kamadan map.jpg
The "start" location is when entering via the Fissure.

Run for your life with Vekk and Ogden Stonehealer and escape from the Destroyers.

Quest information[edit]




A timer will appear showing "Time remaining to escape", giving you 3 minutes. The easiest way to complete this quest is to click on Burol Ironfist or Kodan on the way in to the meeting. After the meeting is over (or you and your party members click the "skip" button), just press the space bar to follow them. Your character will follow them, trying to catch up as they run their way to the Asura Gate, possibly catching up to them once or twice on the run. If this happens, just hit the space bar again. A lot of Destroyers will spawn behind your party and chase after. They can be ignored, and it is best to do so as fighting them will eat up time. As you approach the gate, be prepared for your character to stop moving when the NPC you were following enters the gate. Using this strategy, you reach the gate with roughly 1 minute left – provided you didn't stop to fight.





Initial dialogue[edit]

(Tunnels Below Cantha):

The Destroyers are near. We have no choice but to quickly flee to the Asuran Gate.

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Vekk: The Destroyers are near. We have no choice but to quickly flee to the Asura Gate.

Vekk: The gate! Go through the gate! It's that big purple glowing thing!


  • This quest is automatically added to the Quest Log upon completion of the Encounter in the Depths cinematic of any one of the preceding quests. This quest is also automatically completed and removed upon entering the Asura Gate, and the follow-up quest, Against the Destroyers is automatically added.
  • The Quest Log says the quest is given in the Tunnels Below Cantha regardless of which continent you came from.
  • Trying to fight the Destroyers is a bad idea: the chance of winning is slim and it takes a great part of your time. Also, you can easily go to the gate without a speed boost and without any combat.
    • If you do decide to fight the destroyers, some things to consider are:
      • All destroyers during this mission are warriors, making them vulnerable to Blindness, Weakness and skills that can disable the attacks of multiple enemies, such as Clumsiness. See the Destroyer-page for general weaknesses of destroyers.
  • During the quest, the Guild Wars Eye of the North overture (from the login screen and character selection screen) plays.
  • Going through the portal will send you to the Into the North cinematic.
  • When "Time remaining to escape" runs out, your party automatically dies and a "QUEST FAILED: Your group did not escape from the dungeon in time." message appears.