Against the Destroyers

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Against the Destroyers
Against the Destroyers page.jpg
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Automatically
in Boreal Station
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by The Beginning of the End
Followed by The Last Hierophant
The War in Kryta
Type Primary quest

Against the Destroyers provides general direction for the full storyline of Eye of the North. Find allies to combat the Destroyers.

Quest information[edit]




Leave Boreal Station and talk to Jora outside. Follow the quest marker north and into the Eye of the North. Once there, you will be directed into the Hall of Monuments. Speak with Gwen and look into the Scrying Pool. Choose to keep your eyes open to receive The First Vision and three primary quests:

These three quests can be done in any order. When all three are completed, look into the Scrying Pool once more. Select "Look Deep into the Pool" to activate The Final Vision.

Your next task is to travel to Jalis Ironhammer, receiving the quest Heart of the Shiverpeaks.

Upon completion, Jalis will give you the quest Destruction's Depths. While this is not part of the quest objectives, it is needed to reach the Central Transfer Chamber where the final task awaits.

Once inside the Central Transfer Chamber, talk to High Priest Alkar to receive the final quest, A Time for Heroes. Finishing it marks the end of Eye of the North's storyline and sends you to the Epilogue, where you can receive the quest reward and a Droknar's Key from Droknar.


In Ice Cliff Chasms




Initial dialogue[edit]

Ice Cliff Chasms

"Discover the mysteries behind the Destroyers and the Eye of the North."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

on exiting Boreal Station into Ice Cliff Chasms[edit]

Olaf Olafson: Looks like Jora has recruited help in her hunt. Not very norn of you, Jora, letting humans bail you out...
Sif Shadowhunter: There is nothing wrong in accepting help...especially if one cannot become the bear. Come, Olaf. Leave her to her challenge.
(Sif and Olaf use Bear Form and leave for Boreal Station.)
Jora: Olaf and Sif are both right. I thank you for your help, but this is my responsibility. Go your own way, human. Go to the north. You will find your kind there.
If you seek help, there are other humans at the Eye of the North.

Sent to the Audience with the King cinematic the first time one approches King Jalis Ironhammer in the Battledepths.

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Thank you, <character name>. Without your courage and leadership, the world would have fallen to the depraved machinations of the Destroyers. You truly are heroes among heroes and your legend will never be forgotten."


  • This quest is automatically added to the quest log upon completion of the preceding quest. Unlike most quests, it cannot be abandoned. This is due to not being able to reacquire it.
  • Once you leave Boreal Station and talk to Jora outside, you can either walk back or map travel back to the station, leave again, and collect the Norn Bounty at the resurrection shrine. If you continue on directly to the Eye of the North, you cannot get it until further along the path.


  • This quest covers most of the Guild Wars Eye of the North storyline, easily making it the quest that takes the longest to complete in the game.