Eye of the North (outpost)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the outpost in the Far Shiverpeaks. For the expansion named after the tower, see Guild Wars Eye of the North.
Eye of the North
Eye of the North.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Far Shiverpeaks
Type Outpost
Party size 8
Exit(s) Hall of Monuments
Ice Cliff Chasms
Eotn world map.jpg
On the world map
A view from outside
Eye of the North Wintersday 2009.png
Wintersday decorations.

The origin of the Eye of the North is so ancient it has been lost to even the wisest skaald, the cultural storytellers of the Norn. Currently, the massive structure has become a base of operations for a group of Ascalonian expatriates known as the Ebon Vanguard, who plan and execute raids against the Charr from within the safety of its walls.

— in-game description

The Eye of the North is a tower in the Far Shiverpeaks. The structure is not of Dwarven, Asuran, or human in construction, although it resembles the architecture of Arah and other godly sites. The Norn who settled the Far Shiverpeaks were the first to "discover" the Eye; they sensed something unnatural about its construction, and assiduously avoided it. In recent years, the Ebon Vanguard of the Ascalon Army settled within the tower and made it their main stronghold in the north.

The Eye is built on a perpetually frozen alpine lake, with a single, easily defended entrance that leads into a wide circular chamber. To the rear of the Eye is a separate chamber, the Hall of Monuments, which holds a Scrying Pool within, though it remained dormant to the Ebon Vanguard's attempt to use it.

Quests available[edit]




(all level 20)

Other allies[edit]


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  • Complete exploration of the outpost yields less than 1 Eye of the North mastery point.


  • During the Guild Wars Eye of the North preview weekend, Eye of the North was a town in the Far Shiverpeaks along with Gunnar's Hold, making it the only region with two towns. During an update after the weekend, before Eye of the North went live, the staging area was changed to an outpost. It is still marked as a town on the official map poster.
  • If you look directly above the Eye of the North outpost, the sky will be a purplish black, when you go inside and look up, the sky looks more like a black hole.
  • Eye of the North is the only outpost in the Eye of the North expansion areas to have seasonal decorations.
  • The tower is one of the tallest buildings on Tyria if not the tallest.

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