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Disambig icon.png This article is about the dye trader NPC service. For the Guild Hall NPC of a similar name, see Dye Trader (NPC).

Dye traders are traders that deal in dyes; they can be recognized by the "[Dye Trader]" tag in their names.


  • Dye prices are determined by supply and demand, much like rare crafting materials at rare material traders.
    • The minimum value of dye sold to a trader will always be 10Gold, although the merchant value is only 1Gold.
    • There are two exceptions:
      • Dye traders do not sell gray dye, but will buy it for 25Gold. (Merchant Sanura, in Ascalon City (pre-Searing), sells vials of gray dye for 50Gold.)
      • Dye traders will neither buy nor sell Vials of Sadie's Dye, only regular vials of pink dye.
  • Like any other commodity, dyes are only available when the traders have them in stock.
    • When players are buying large amounts of a particular color, the dye traders will not offer them for sale at any price. It will become available again as soon as other players sell their vials to one of the dye traders. If this happens several times in a row, the trader will increase prices to reflect the demand.
    • Similarly, prices will drop if many players are selling a particular color.