Mano a Norn-o

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Mano a Norn-o
Section Far Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Artificer Mullenix
in Eye of the North
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Type Secondary quest
(Solo Quest)

In this solo quest you fight one on one against Knorr Oaken, a Norn warrior. The Battle takes place within the Eye of the North.

Quest information[edit]



  • Speak to Artificer Mullenix when you are ready to duel with Knorr Oaken.
  • Stand as the champion for the Eye of the North and defeat Knorr Oaken for the sake of all humanity!
  • See Artificer Mullenix for your reward.



See also: Mano a Norn-o/Guide for a detailed walkthrough




Initial dialogue[edit]

Artificer Mullenix

[Solo Quest] "We have a bit of a problem. Of course, with all these Norn around, that shouldn't be too much of a surprise. You wouldn't believe how often Norn warriors wander down here and challenge us to duels to prove their valor. Then they go home and boast about how easy it is to defeat the "puny humans" in battle. Usually, we just ignore them and hope they go find something else to beat about the head.
The latest barbarian to arrive, however...some brutish oaf named Knorr Oaken...simply won't leave. He's starting to cause a real problem. Nobody can get any work done what with constantly being challenged to single combat. You're the most battle-tested of anyone here at the Eye. Will you fight as our champion against this Norn?"
Yes Accept: "This will be a victory for all humanity!"
No Decline: "Can't we just hug and be friends?"
Ask Ask: "You will be removed from your party to face Knorr Oaken alone. Are you ready?"
Yes I am ready.
No I am not ready.

Intermediate dialogue[edit]


Knorr Oaken
"What's this? I ask for a champion and they send me a flea!"
"Were you the runt of the litter, or is your entire pack this puny?"
"I've eaten bigger chunks of bear meat than you!"

After winning:

Knorr Oaken
"Astounding! You have bested me. By the bear, you are unlike any human I have ever met. Well fought, little...big one."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Artificer Mullenix

"Well done! It's certainly good to see someone finally put those brutes in their place! That's the last we'll hear from Knorr Oaken, I imagine. With any luck, and a little help from a crafty artificer, the word will get out to the rest of the Norn about how he was defeated by a human. Take pride; you've raised the reputation of not only the Vanguard but our entire race with these barbarians."


  • Knorr is not hostile during the initial 30 second countdown, allowing him time to insult you.
  • You will be returned to the Eye of the North 10 seconds after winning.
  • You can turn north and enter the Hall of Monuments: there is no portal and you will see all 4 tapestries (regardless of how many your character has displayed).
  • You can also win if you keep Knorr at less than 50% health for around 2 minutes.