Artificer Mullenix

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Artificer Mullenix
Ebon Vanguard soldier m 1.jpg
Affiliation Ebon Vanguard
Type Human
Profession Monk Monk
Level(s) 20
Campaign Eye of the North

More than the glorified record keeper (as many of his fellow Vanguard see him), Mullenix is a man of many talents as well as a storehouse of information about the Ebon Vanguard, their mission in the north, and the current state of affairs in Ascalon. Stationed at the Eye of the North, Mullenix works closely with Captain Langmar's aide, Gwen, taking care of the base when the captain is out on missions.

The Guild Wars Eye of the North Manuscript



Quests given:


0 Healing Prayers


Eye of the North outpost

Before viewing The First Vision cinematic:

"You must be the adventurers from the south Gwen told me about. She's waiting for you in the Hall of Monuments at the rear of the Eye."

After viewing The First Vision cinematic:

"I have kept a detailed record of every aspect of our mission in Charr lands. I have reports of vital Vanguard movements and military operations, and log listings of all supplies and personnel. I find my work quite exciting. Ask your questions. I can answer them all."
"I have recorded your deeds so that we never forget the heroes who saved Tyria."
Ice Cliff Chasms
"I've come to record the minutes of this meeting for the books."
The Wedding
"I have a detailed transcript of the ceremony, should anyone need it."



  • Artificer Mullenix may be named after the game designer Joe Mullenix.
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