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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Ebon Vanguard leader. For the pre-Searing version, see Lieutenant Langmar.
Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Eye of the North and Beyond.

Captain Langmar
Captain Langmar.jpg
Affiliation Ebon Vanguard
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 20 (20)
Campaigns Eye of the North
Bonus Mission Pack

A career in the Ascalon military provided Captain Langmar a crash course in fighting the Charr and dealing with the loss of home, comrades, and loved ones. An expert at shutting down her emotions, Langmar never hesitates in making tough decisions or sacrifices if it means dealing a blow to the enemies of Ascalon—the Charr. King Adelbern recognized Langmar's stoicism and ability to lead in the face of death and despair. He gave her the command of the Ascalonian Vanguard and ordered her north, behind enemy lines, on a mission of desperation. If she is not found at the Eye of the North, it is only because she is out slaughtering Charr, fulfilling her mission no matter the cost.

The Guild Wars Eye of the North Manuscript

Captain Samantha Langmar (born 1045 AE) was the commanding officer of the Ebon Vanguard during the events of the Eye of the North expansion and the War in Kryta. After the Searing, she took her unit behind enemy lines into the Charr Homelands, eventually establishing a base in the Eye of the North in the Far Shiverpeaks. From there, her unit's ranks grew with refugees and travelers from the south, eventually evolving into the Ebon Vanguard, with her as its Captain.

Just prior to the events of Eye of the North, she was captured by the Charr and was intended to be sacrificed to the Destroyers. She and her fellow Vanguard members were rescued during the assault led by Pyre Fierceshot, Gwen, and their allies. She continued on with her unit to assist in the defeat of the Destroyers in the Depths of Tyria.

A year later, Langmar traveled with Lt. Keiran Thackeray and his Ebon Falcons to Kryta at the behest of Evennia to aid with the war effort against the White Mantle. Her role in the war was mainly training soldiers, but she also helped escort Livia, Zinn and Blimm to safety when the Mantle began their march from Demetra. When they reached the Ascalon Settlement she, Thackeray, and Captain Greywind stayed behind to help some stragglers. When the Mantle caught up to them shortly after, she and Thackeray offered to create a diversion to allow Greywind and the settlers to reach safety. They successfully attracted the attention of the Mantle and tried to escape by jumping into the lake of Lesser Giant's Basin. She is thought to have to succumbed to Spectral Agony before reaching land. Her remains were found in a shallow grave on the northern shore by the Falcons, presumably buried by Thackeray. She named Gwen as her successor in the event of her death.




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Grothmar Wardowns
"I appreciate Gwen convincing you to rescue our forces, but let's not make a national holiday out of it."
"We're hoping to take advantage of the chaos you've sown in the Charr forces. If you find any Charr battle plans, tell me immediately. We can decode them to figure out their next moves."
Yes Tell me about Charr battle plans.
"The Charr leaders often send runners to the front lines to communicate their battle plans with field commanders. These messages are encoded, but thanks to the diligent work of Artificer Mullenix, we've cracked three of their major encoding techniques. If you ever find any encoded Charr battle plans, bring them to me and get a decoder. We'll figure out what the beasts are up to and put a stop to it."
Yes I need a decoder for some Charr battle plans. (given one Charr Battle Plan Decoder)
Yes I've decoded some Charr battle plans. (only with a decoded plan currently in the decoder)
"Good work, [Character Name]. You've uncovered vital information! I can't spare any troops right now. Do you think you can handle intercepting the Charr and disrupting their plans?"
Yes I'll travel behind enemy lines and put a stop to their nefarious plans. (sent to the zone for the coresponding quest, consumes plans)
No I'm not ready to deal with Charr forces right now.
Destruction's Depths
"Keep your wits about you. I don't want to lose any soldiers here today."
"The fight isn't over, my friends. Not until Ascalon is reclaimed."
Ice Cliff Chasms
"I have a powerful respect for anyone that would fight to the death for the good of their country."
During Mustering a Response
"At times like this, silent speed is best."