Charr Battle Plan Decoder

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Charr Battle Plan Decoder
Charr Battle Plan Decoder.png
Rarity Common
Type Quest item
Value Can't be sold
Stackable No
Campaign Eye Of The North
Charr Decoder.JPG

The Charr Battle Plan Decoder is used to decode Encrypted Charr Battle Plans to access Special Ops mini-missions.

Double click it to use. Then move the Encrypted Charr Battle Plans from inventory into the decoder by grabbing the Plans icon and placing it on the dotted square featured on the decoder "page". The Encrypted Charr Battle Plans have to be in your inventory as well as the decoder. Trying to decrypt a plan lying in the storage with a decoder lying in your inventory will not work. Using the wrong cipher on Encrypted Charr Battle Plans will not destroy them, but instead give a garbled message; it will be returned to your inventory unchanged. Once you properly decode the message, speak with Captain Langmar to begin the mini mission.



  • The three decoding options are as follows:
    • Polyalphabetic Cipher
    • Reverse Alphanumeric Cipher
    • Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  • Multiple decoders can obtained from Captain Langmar as long as none are in your inventory.
  • Turning in decoded plans to Captain Langmar removes both the plans (which must be decoded and in the decoder) and that decoder from your inventory.
  • Decoders are customized to the character that obtained it.


  • On the cylinders of the decoder you can see some ideograms, which Charr use in their written messages.
  • Like the Incubator Kit, it can be considered a "book item," a term used internally by ArenaNet for items that show a unique interface when used.